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LevelSkillAwoken+HP+ATK+RCVUsernameFriend IDRankLast ActiveProfile Text
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED385,298,28745225 days agoMain - Bastet/Pandora
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED399,159,20177119 days agoMain Leaders: Awoken Pandora, Awoken Shiva, Awoken Yomi, Blue Sonia
Other Leaders: Awoken Haku, Awoken Astaroth, Green Sonia, Awoken Parvati
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED357,027,3199324 days agoHi! I mainly run Revo Anubis, Wood Ney, Blue Hunter, Meri, RMyr, RLB, Ilm, Gremory, Dantalion, Paimon, DAthena, Cthugha, Revo Bastet, Sarasvati, Revo DQXQ, Revo Yomi, etc.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,757,3204716 days agoNo profile here
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED300,185,282133321 days agoMost commonly used leaders: Byakko, Cu Chu, CDK, Duke Vampire Lord
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED362,732,292900219 days agowow this game sucks
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED378,603,398404235 days agoyep
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED318,661,3484827 days agoSlot 1 Hyper Typhon (3 SDR)
BFF slot Penta APandora (3 SDR)
Other used leads Myr/ALB/ACaoCao/MHera/MZeus
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,397,33228122 days agoAIZEN AIZEN AIZEN
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED300,139,38857564 days agoCurrent main (Enra, Tsukuyomi Dragon, D.Athena, Lakshmi (2nd slot))
100% acceptance rate for XiuMin
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED309,493,253326301 days agoLooking for A. Ra, A. Pandora, A. Luci, Blonia, Sumire, Sarasvati, Revo Lakshmi Teams
Most Used Teams: Awoken Ra, Awoken Pandora, Blonia
Slot 1: Sumire
Slot 2: A. Panda
Slot 3: Any of the teams above in the looking section. Will probably have Revo Ra up more often than not when he's out
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED393,949,346499301 days agoYou Yu, A. Liu Bei, Kaede, Cecil
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED302,310,486300119 days agoMain 1# Inahime +78 HP, +76 ATK, +50 RCV
2# Blue Hunter +297 | Indra or Orochi inherit
3# Acala +297 | Acala inherit

Switching my favorites around. Currently burning with fiery passion for Inahime so if you desire the fight as much as I do add me.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED329,468,391551178 days agoKaede main. Shiva/Panda/AI&I/Verd/ALB and other leads by request.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED377,693,39930790 days agoSniper at Rest Myr
Awoken Pandora
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED341,838,33644514 days agoTeam 1 leader: Hyper Ronia or Hyper A Sakuya
Team 2 Leader: Hyper Lu Bu

Active Leaders: Hyper L Kali, Beelzebub, A Shiva, Verdandi
Occasionally use: A Sakuya, A Amaterasu, Awoken Lucifer, A Bastet
Also have: A Ra, D. Meta, Pandora (uuevo and almost have awoken), A Venus, A Minerva, Santa Kirin, A I&I, A Thor, A Yomi, A Horus, Rodin
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED358,701,486251351 days ago.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED395,103,432395336 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED379,830,2956508 hours agoI lead a miscellaneous hodgepodge, usually whatever was in-meta about two months ago.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED349,626,324542165 days agoLooking for Anaphon friends with ALB/AKrishna available.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED335,882,3036469 days agoI started playing 22 Aug 2015. My main teams are now Dark Athena (replacing A. Pandora/A. Luci/Yomigon), Sara/You Yu, A. Liu Bei, and Tsubaki, and I've cleared quite a few descends. I made rank 600 on 9 Jan 2017 (day 507).

Goals: Increase my combo skill to hit 7 combos consistently; Build a light team: Ilm? Myr?; Beat Arena 1 and recent harder descends; Hypermax more cards (61 so far).

My PF blog is here:
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED352,586,3484616 days agoKrishna, Sumire, ReLak, ReCeres, Attackerasu, AAmaterasu, Myr, APanda, Gremory, Halloween Xiang Mei
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,754,250304337 days agoMain RPandora, now RKush, RShiva, and Ganesha

100K away from my DAthena! wooh!

LF: friends. If possible RPandora, RKush, Ganesha, Meridionalis, or Andromeda.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED375,256,244802250 days agoI primarily run fire teams (ShivaDragon, A.Shiva, Urd, A.Horus, Ilm and Tsubaki the most). I farm with Verdandi a lot. I'll be building out YomiDragon, A.Yom & Z8 teams for a little while.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED322,948,343621182 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED369,323,33950825 days agodo you have a rushana? i want rushanas. Do you have a blonia? anubis? that's fine too.
96Max+99+99+99REDACTED354,575,259591352 days agoRandom hypers up.
93Max+99+99+99REDACTED324,576,276800134 days agoMain: Hyper ReBastet (first slot), Hyper ReMinerva (second slot), Myr, ALiu Bei, ReLakshmi, APersephone, AFLuci, HXiang Mei, RevoRa, ReKushi , Yomidra
Other: ASakuya, AYomi, ReHorus
88Max+99+99+99REDACTED340,376,34215027 days agoBlurb
861+1+15+53REDACTED300,426,471191301 days agoCasual? Serious? Something in-between really.
78Max+99+99+99REDACTED372,252,205512265 days agoSummyr, Sumire, A. Luci, Shivadra, ALB, all ready to go!
70Max+99+99+99REDACTED356,174,38556183 days agoI main BMyr, ADQXQ, Sarasvati, Krishna, Vishnu. WIP Durga, Ilm, Tsubaki, Castor&Pollux
651+1+99+0REDACTED372,926,489186336 days ago
60Max+99+99+99REDACTED369,797,341584124 days agoCurrently using mainly RevoBastet, Sumire and Myr. Waiting for DAthena. Sometimes I use RMinerva.
60Max+99+99+99REDACTED310,721,356401350 days ago◯: Ganesha △: Myr ▢: ACC
Alternates: Noctis, R.Panda, Yuna, R.Sakuya, R.Kushi (wip)

Currently accepting everyone.
572+3+3+4REDACTED336,066,29232133 days agoMain: L. Metatron, rotation of starred teams
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED378,620,304701184 days agoLeader slots: qt grills most of the time; meta garbage for hard content (rarely).
$ spent so far: 0.00.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED306,106,310342754 days agoyo
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED310,445,217450552 days agoMainly L. Metatron (+297) / Red Sonia (+297). Also WR. Valkyrie (+297) and Kirin (+297) for descend
On Request: Ult. D. Metraton (+297), Sarasvati, DQ Hera-Ur ,Blue Odin (+297, Max Skill), Andromeda, Bastet, Kushinada, G. Guan Yu, Ra, Dark Metatron, Byakko (D/D), RS Lucifer and others....
Looking for Sarasvati, Lu Bu....
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED388,793,258288531 days agoMain: Pandora Team
Secondary: WR Valk Healer Team and Genbu
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED334,773,287404290 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED379,616,358531714 days agoLeaders: Shiva Dragon, Neptune Dragon, Awoken Shiva, Awoken Bastet and Awoken Lakshmi
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED345,668,249503732 days agoronia dmeta leads up most of the time. pm for leader switch
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED392,012,337680217 days agoI mainly Run Lkali & A.Bastet. Other leads on occation.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED307,750,231500403 days ago"Minori"
Main leaders (pentamax): Verdandi, Sakuya, Bastet, Ama, I&I, Freyja

Looking for Ryune, Sylvie, Artemis, Elize.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED394,989,248660383 days agoMain leaders: Yomidra, whatever is new and good.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED356,144,389454747 days agoOmnimax Light Kali always in slot 1, BFF stuff in Slot 2. Hypermax Awoken Bastet in active slot most of the time. Also have: Awoken Ra, Yomi Dragon, Ult Verdandi, Awoken Sakuya, Hypermax Red Sonia, Hypermax SS Isis, Goemon, Rodin, Kanna, Urd, Pandora
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED314,645,203341381 days agoMostly run D. Meta, Pandora, and Ronia. Also have a max Kirin team that I run when I am bored.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED318,989,292334211 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED358,707,303377531 days agoUsual leads: Blonia, AShiva, I&I
Occasionally Pandora, Gadius, Valk
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED317,101,308357714 days agoMostly run Awoken Odin, though am working on Ame no Uzume and Pandora
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED373,849,323273525 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED305,280,206636312 days ago305,280,206
Mains: Krishna, Ronove, Yomidra, Kaede, Myr, Sumire, AShiva, ALB, APanda, Sarasfatty, Dtron, Ganesha
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED315,753,332355115 days agoMain Hypermax Pandora, Hypermax Dmeta, Working on Hypermaxing Lkali, then A shiva.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED381,399,205391212 days agohi i usually run hypermax lmeta and hypermax okuni
57Max+99+99+99REDACTED301,209,365316352 days agoA Ra, Verdandi, Sumire, Pandora
57Max+99+99+99REDACTED335,922,366357374 days ago◯: A.Bastet (hyper) △: Sumire ▢: ALB (hyper)
Alternates: Yamato, A.Pandora (hyper)
Others (not regularly used): A.Ama, A.Sakuya, Verd, Ronia, Lu Bu

Currently accepting everyone.
57Max+99+99+99REDACTED352,771,252291355 days agoI typically lead with Pandora, Kirin, Kaede, and Skuld.
57Max+99+99+99REDACTED315,054,344521233 days agoYomiDra AwokenHorus Verdandi
57Max+99+99+99REDACTED379,723,355525327 days agoMain Leads: A.Shiva, A.Ra, A.Pandora
Alternate Leads: Ronia, A.Bastet, A.Parvati, A.Amaterasu, Thoria, A.Sakuya, A.Hades, AA Lucifer
WIP: Perseus, Blue Sonia

Hypermax: Pandora Shiva, Ra, Ronia, Thor, Hades, Red Kali, Cao Cao, Freyr
Next Hypermax: AA Lucifer, Pandora, Light Kali
994+99+99+99REDACTED376,561,35872706 days agoBlah blah blah. ..

Any suggestions are welcome.
574+99+99+99REDACTED316,420,338238220 days agoPretty much just Pandora 24/7
571+99+99+99REDACTED397,518,349321214 days agoI like to run Lu Bu parties as my default but i do use
Bastet,DXXQ,Anubis when needed
99Max+82+89+77REDACTED318,867,205188653 days agoAfter wandering aimlessly, now working to organize and conquer!
Mainly run: Astaroth, Duke Vamp, Chu Chu
Sometimes: ADK, Horus, Kirin, Karin, Utilities
992+6+60+99REDACTED381,337,352211478 days agoSomething, something
99Max+22+27+42REDACTED386,862,334175347 days ago
99Max+20+21+21REDACTED343,218,476131386 days agoPaimon. Pandora are my main two leaders.
99Max+7+16+12REDACTED351,524,346347737 days agoI am Vietnamese !
994+10+10+10REDACTED348,482,245372767 days agoSupergirl, Ronia, Pandora or Verdandi up most of the time. LF Supergirl and Gadius friends.
99Max+9+9+11REDACTED314,243,321124505 days agoCurrently run BG Karin as main leader.
99Max+7+9+12REDACTED353,924,354275730 days agoWill usually main Urd, Sakuya or Kali. Working on Pandora.
99Max+6+9+5REDACTED349,368,384319256 days agoHi!
993+4+7+4REDACTED309,867,367121751 days ago
99Max+2+3+3REDACTED360,651,373653352 days ago.
994+2+0+2REDACTED370,778,324265596 days agoToo many things
995+1+2+0REDACTED355,940,382269762 days agoGroup A
99Max+1+0+1REDACTED343,974,333371210 days agoSakuya, A.Shiva, Verd mains. Pandora for farming. Building Anubis, A.Sak, Ra Dragon, A.Lak, and Horus.
99Max+1+1+0REDACTED328,954,353941361 days agoHypermax Pandora, DMeta, LKali, Verdandi, Bastet, and Yomigon.
Other leads: Z8, AYomi, ARa, Shivagon, Nepdra, & Rodin/Goemon for button farming.
991+1+0+1REDACTED376,965,321310741 days agoI'll never have the money to catch them all
99Max+0+1+0REDACTED378,208,365371721 days ago
99Max+0+0+1REDACTED382,422,394275593 days agoSlot1 Helper: Awoken Meimei, BFF Helper: Awoken Amaterasu, other leaders: Ult Baal, Ult Pandora, Dark Metatron, both versions of Zhuge Liang, Light Kali, Awoken Lakshmi, Ult Kushinadahime, Awoken Lucifer, Bronzed Valkyrie Claire, Ult Blue Sonia, etc.
994+0+1+0REDACTED334,657,244291529 days agoI have a decent mix of gods available, just message me if you want me to put a particular one up.
99Max+0+0+0REDACTED341,628,359168514 days ago
99Max+0+0+0REDACTED371,640,218367419 days ago
991+0+0+0REDACTED382,191,33477718 days ago
81Max+0+0+0REDACTED363,708,350192698 days agomostly running Kanna, occasionally red / blue sonia
11+2+4+5REDACTED368,366,236267144 days agoI mostly run Sonia, Kirin, Lucifer, and Athena teams.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED364,268,2704591072 days agoHypermaxed L Meta / Kirin / LKali / DQXQ / Pandora (1 from max skilled)
Looking for similar leader friends & max skill Rodins***!
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED337,873,288234508 days agoHypermaxed Pandora (Add me!) + Athena for farming.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED301,068,219406922 days agoMostly run D/D Haku or Lu Bu, now Athena. Also have a strong Horus team, with L/L Ra hanging out in the background. And having fun with D/W Batman and D/L Zeus.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED363,024,3522731070 days agoMain leaders are GZL, Pandora and DMeta.

Santa Sakuya and L.Kirin is coming soon. Am diligently practicing my colour matching...
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,249,2874231087 days agoHypermax mains:
Kirin, Pandora, Valkarie, Light Metatron
Currently working on:
Minerva, Light Kali
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED342,220,396692934 days agoHypermaxed Leads in the order of most used to least used:
6)D/L Anubis
8)A. Shiva

On x5 technical monday / SV, my max skilled Rodin & Hypermax Goemon will be permanently occupying the 1st and 2nd slot all day.

LF: BFF of any ranks (msg me first at because I always prioritize BFF)
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED310,865,207326808 days agoRun mainly Blue Valkyrie & Kirin
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED334,296,2883371028 days agoMainly run Haku, but also occasionally run Ronia and Shiva
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED305,695,213445908 days agoPandora for KoG. Sometimes use Haku. Light Metatron for farming. Add me if you like. My ID is 305,695,213.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED320,749,311354941 days ago14/10/2014 start date
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED323,836,349592962 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED337,428,374348907 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED397,835,317318370 days agoPandora is always in slot 1; I also run GZL. Working on Verdandi, LKali and A. Shiva.

Looking for Ame no Uzume friends for Thursday Mythical!