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LevelSkillAwoken+HP+ATK+RCVUsernameFriend IDRankLast ActiveProfile Text
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED340,393,2813342 hours agoHypermaxed Haku, Pandora and Beelzebub
Working on Durga, Verdandi, U&Y and Bastet
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED364,479,21532511 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED321,014,3153234 hours agoRunning Horus most of the time! Looking for strong friends that run Horus, Kirin, Ra or other similar leads. Also looking for Ares/Shiva friends for my mono red team!
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED361,330,319374a day ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED318,989,292190a day ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED315,295,2713752 hours agoTeam 1: +297 Max Skill Blue Sonia
Team 2: +295 Max Skill Pandora
Team 3: +297 Awoken Bastet
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED301,068,2193826 days agoMostly run D/D Haku or Lu Bu, now Athena. Also have a strong Horus team, with L/L Ra hanging out in the background. And having fun with D/W Batman and D/L Zeus.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED310,365,29925231 days agonom nom nom
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED384,442,3123652 days agoPandora/L Kali Always (Both Hypermaxed).

Also rotate Hathor, D Meta, Okuni, Athena (Sometimes Ganesha on Weekends)
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED312,499,2222997 hours agoCurrent: Pandora, Verdandi, Lmeta
Others: I&I, Athena, Bastet, Venus, Dmeta
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED345,691,2992066 days agoMain Leads:

* Uvo Pandora: Max Skill, +250
* Awoken Ceres
* Athena: +125
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED322,796,29735637 days agoSlot 1: Pandora
Slot 2: Urd, L Kali, Okuninushi, U&Y and others.

I run Awoken Hino for SV, and Red Odin on Mondays (usually).
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED342,728,31824913 days agoTerrible non-IAP player trying to make his way in the world
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED371,449,3492277 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED379,395,2123302 days agoHave a quad-maxed haku in slot 1. Slot two varies between Pandora, Lu Bu, or something specific to the dungeon of the day. Will have Ganesha up on weekends when I'm not farming king of the gods.

I can never have too many red sonias or Pandoras.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED361,342,20126670 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED328,954,3533446 days agoMains DMeta/LMeta/Pandora. Working on Urd, Verdandi, and Andromeda.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED375,850,2393182 days agoCurrently running Pandora and L.Kali for descends. A.Bastet team on deck for descends. Chibi lubu or Ronia for farming.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED352,324,33939121 days agoRonia, Pandora, D. Meta leads.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED363,024,35227343 days agoMain leaders are GZL, Pandora and DMeta.

Santa Sakuya and L.Kirin is coming soon. Am diligently practicing my colour matching...
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED338,712,37434618 days agoforever struggling
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED382,857,29732586 days agoD Meta all the time. Hypermax Pandora in 2nd spot most of the time.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED398,798,24433020 hours agolucker
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED329,985,27136174 days agoHello Guys and Gals :D
Teams: Pandora, Ronia, RGY, Krishna, Lu Bu, D.Meta (Mainly red and black teams)
WIP: Verdandi, Andromeda, Hathor (Trying to branch out to these colours nowadays)
Farming teams: Kagutsuchi (brainless), lilith(tamadra)
LF: RGY, Fagan, and more of the above (besides Ronia)
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED388,793,25828814 days agoMain: Pandora Team
Secondary: WR Valk Healer Team and Genbu
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED389,198,2773102 days agoNow running Awoken Horus/Bastet. Need more friends! Will occasionally also run Skuld, Pandora, Verdandi.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED331,295,2453002 days agoStill just trying to figure this game out.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED320,852,2834096 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED362,898,273325an hour agoHMax Pandora/Urd. Working on Awoken Bastet/Awoken Shiva. Reddit: DrOrganicSwagPHD PF: Organic Sometimes I stream my really shitty playing on
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED329,657,22535767 days agoOkuni/Panda/Dmeta/Haku are my usual leads.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED325,657,24438419 hours agoKirin always in slot 1, slot 2 alternates between Pandora and Isis. Other leaders on request or as needed.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED394,413,32025921 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED363,759,23326612 days agoUsername: derekchar
Main Team: Pandora, will max skill when dungeon comes around, will +297 ASAP
2nd Team: Light Metatron
3rd Team: Kirin
4th Team: DQXQ
5th Team: Karin
6th Team: Dark Metatron
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED354,146,3573182 hours ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED332,891,28637772 days agoleaders: lu bu, red guan yu, fd shiva (thur/fri)
lf: red guan yu friends
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED377,599,2792732 days agoGoals:
Pandora Team
Athena Team
RValk Team
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED364,795,2853049 days agoAlways have Pandora up, usually Athena/LKali in 2nd slot. Working on hypermaxing LKali next and need more LKali friends! Also have F/L Horus, Kirin, Kushi, etc combo leads available on request.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED393,249,269320a day agoAlways running Pandora + F/L Horus
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED382,335,29934534 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED368,847,33031725 days agoayyy lmao
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED313,586,24637853 days agoHi!

I love pad. seriously.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED364,268,27045945 days agoHypermaxed L Meta / Kirin / LKali / DQXQ / Pandora (1 from max skilled)
Looking for similar leader friends & max skill Rodins***!
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED390,604,3352125 hours agohi
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED327,896,2991172 days agoRunning DQ and Valk, sometimes L Meta.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED340,601,32828420 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED359,202,30632019 days agoHello!
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED329,717,3113695 hours agoLKali, Pandora, Beelzebub, and Light Zhuge
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED357,840,25241911 hours agoHypermax Awoken Parvati, Hypermax Verdandi, Hypermax Pandora.

I just got my Parvati and love her. Please add me if you are down with the tiger tamer.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED318,312,37032222 days agoLooking for Pandora helpers
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED375,256,24454310 hours agoI primarily run fire and dragon teams (RGY, Yamato, Urd, Krishna & DL Fagan the most). I'll have Verdandi, Skuld and Andro up more as I fill out their teams.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED310,865,2073262 days agoRun mainly Blue Valkyrie & Kirin
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED333,297,2879333 days agoAtm using chinese god and odin as leaders
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED323,959,2324493 hours agoMainly leading with RGY and Athena, other leaders will be swapped in on occasion when needed. Hypermax Krishna in Team 1.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED323,773,20941223 days agoHypermaxed Pandora slot 1
Hypermaxed Dmeta slot 2

Common leads: +297 D/W Batman for farming, Ra for descends, LKali, A. Bastet when we get her
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED367,268,2034212 days agoMain DMeta and Sonia/Lubu. Working on Pandora and Athena teams. Long term U&Y team when I get better subs.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED315,619,3522810 hours agoPandora
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED354,741,3032902 hours agoI hate skill ups.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED350,590,25044615 days agoPandora, Verdandi, Sunwu Kong, Andromeda, Yamato, Red Sonia, Athena, Red Odin - Typical leader slots
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED311,094,20529769 days agoPanda/LKali up on slots 1&2. Norns, GZL, Sonia used occasionally.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED331,968,295396a day agoHyper-maxed Pandora and Parvati up 99% of the time. 300 friend slots total!
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED383,894,2484113 days agoNeed shiva and pandora friends.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED334,773,2874044 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED362,732,2927007 hours ago...
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED355,176,2085083 days agoRun hypermax Awoken Ra, Awoken Shiva, Pandora, and SS Isis most of the time. Occasionally Kirin or Ronia. Rarely Hathor or DCC Athena.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED305,695,213404131 days agoPandora for KoG. Sometimes use Haku. Light Metatron for farming. Add me if you like. My ID is 305,695,213.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED311,412,3984782 days agoI run most anything and everything that I have for leaders. Looking for Red Odin friends and eventually G/D Astaroth for Cauchemar.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED337,873,28823446 days agoHypermaxed Pandora (Add me!) + Athena for farming.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED315,753,33226040 days agoMain L Meta, Working on Blue sonia, Red sonia, Athena, Beelzebub, Leilan, Kirin, LKali, nothing but meta worth anything yet.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED364,992,2664353 days agoMain Kirin, Light Kali and Pandora
Farm leads: Ronia, Lubu, L meta, L Valk and Athena
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED389,492,2512723 days agoRunning Pandora, Lmeta, Athena, and Ronia.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED399,842,3773483 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED334,296,288337a day agoMainly run Haku, but also occasionally run Ronia and Shiva
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED363,454,20951812 hours agoMostly run D.Shiva and Ronia. Depends on day and descends available. Looking for high + D. Shiva and Red Sonia
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED311,891,2902828 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED318,254,229629a day agoMain leads during non-events: Awoken Ra, Awoken Bastet, Rodin, Pandora, Ronia/Lu Bu, Athena
Various others for descend farming
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED332,278,24248318 days agoHathor, L.Kali, Red Sonia, LuBu, D.Meta, Athena - LF: Verdandi, Hathor
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED324,172,256423a day ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED348,056,27747191 days agoWill accept requests from any hypermax (Make sure your active team lead is the hypermaxed one or else i'll probably reject you)
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED351,813,33134224 days agoRun Pandora and Dmeta
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED337,496,2745167 hours agoHypermax DQ, Pandora, Light Kali, Urd, Verdandi rotating. Typhon and Superman are being plussed r/n

Max skill Rodin up on Star Vault days for 5x tech. Goemon ready for 3x normals.

Superman is usually in the best friend spot

Planning to mess around with Awoken Shiva and Awoken Ra.

LF Wukong, Superman and Typhon.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED334,994,24441486 days agoLooking for more Pandora friends.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,249,28742360 days agoHypermax mains:
Kirin, Pandora, Valkarie, Light Metatron
Currently working on:
Minerva, Light Kali
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED384,638,34532913 days agoFo' sheezy.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED310,540,3504284 hours agoMain: Pandora, D.Meta, L.Kali, Verdandi, Beelzebub, Yamato Takeru, Okuninushi in that order.
Farm: Satan, Athena, Ronia, Red Guan Yu.
WIP: Parvati, Horus, Wukong, Durga, Nut, U&Y.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED359,956,2791913 days agoD meta Main. Devil Genbu/ DqXq secondary. Bastet on the weekends when money hunting.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED300,065,23939074 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED360,783,2071908 days agoLtron, Pandora, Red Sonia.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED342,220,396614a day agoHypermaxed Leads in the order of most used to least used:
6)D/L Anubis

On x5 technical monday / SV, my max skilled Rodin & Hypermax Goemon will be permanently occupying the 1st and 2nd slot all day.

LF: Hypermax Bastet or BFF of any ranks (msg me first at because I always prioritize BFF)
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED335,423,33035021 hours agoUsing LMeta, Panda, LKali and U&Y. Looking for similar leads
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,177,238462a day agoMax skill Rodin in slot 1, almost always Verdandi (want more Verdandi friends!), sometimes ult DA Meta, Ult Athena, Hypermaxed Pandora

Awoken Parvarti in slot 2 if you BFF me
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED358,096,27917964 days agoPrimarily running LKali and Pandora. Also bringing up Red Sonia, Leilan, and Athena.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED333,856,21838034 days agoBeen inactive for a while, working on catching up with the times.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED334,676,2683717 days agoLooking for Bastet and Parvati friends. I also have Sakuya and Pandora hypermaxed.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED345,668,24938915 days agoronia dmeta leads up most of the time. pm for leader switch
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED378,894,2452005 days agoI run mainly Qoc Persephone, Pandora, or Awoken Odin. Sometimes for quick run throughs I put up ADK Zeal.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED392,704,33133810 hours agoprimary leads: dmeta, pandora, lkali, lakshmi, bastet, hathor

looking for lakshmi/hathor friends
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED379,616,3584492 hours agoMostly use Pandora - occasionally LMeta and Awoken Lakshmi
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED369,915,38329780 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED394,863,2962953 days agoMay the orbs fall in your favor.
Go team Balance! Run Cu Chu and Pandora. R/D Shiva and RSonia soon.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED389,556,29640993 days agoUmisachi & Yamasachi, Pandora, Light Metatron