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LevelSkillAwoken+HP+ATK+RCVUsernameFriend IDRankLast ActiveProfile Text
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED311,094,2052906 hours agoPanda/LKali up on slots 1&2. Norns, GZL, Sonia used occasionally.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED334,296,2883372 days agoMainly run Haku, but also occasionally run Ronia and Shiva
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED123,456,78948421 hours ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,177,23843139 mins agoMax skill Rodin in slot 1, 2nd slot almost always Verdandi (want more Verdandi friends!), sometimes ult DA Meta, Ult Athena, Hypermaxed Pandora
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED340,393,2813073 days agoHypermaxed Haku, Pandora and Beelzebub
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED303,049,2703483 days agoTeam 1 (always up) is Awoken Parvati. Focusing green teams mainly. Perseus/Verdandi/Awoken Parvati. Have hypermaxed Pandora and Minerva for high end dungeons.

*** Always accepting Awoken Minerva friends. Send an invite!
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED337,873,2882342 days agoHypermaxed Pandora (Add me!) + Athena for farming.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED362,732,292600a day ago...
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED300,065,2393904 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED379,616,35841522 hours agoMostly use Pandora - occasionally LMeta, Skuld, Andromeda, Yamato and Vishnu.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED358,096,27917918 days agoPrimarily running LKali and Pandora. Also bringing up Red Sonia, Leilan, and Athena.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED318,254,2295995 hours agoMain leads during non-events: Pandora, Ronia, Athena
Various others for descend farming
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED307,482,2793537 hours agoHypermaxed Pandora in the permanent slot, Verdandi, Haku. LF for Verdandi and RGY. Awoken Venus is also fun.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED384,442,3122957 days agoPandora/L Kali Always (Both Hypermaxed).

Also rotate Hathor, D Meta, Okuni, Athena (Sometimes Ganesha on Weekends)
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED359,956,2791912 days agoD meta Main. Devil Genbu/ DqXq secondary. Bastet on the weekends when money hunting.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED329,657,22535712 hours agoOkuni/Panda/Dmeta/Haku are my usual leads.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED331,968,295396a day agoHyper-maxed Pandora and Parvati up 99% of the time. 300 friend slots total!
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED360,783,20719010 days agoLtron, Pandora, Red Sonia.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED351,813,33128010 days agoRun Pandora and Dmeta
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED324,172,256381a day ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED352,324,33935013 days agoRonia, Pandora, D. Meta leads.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED348,056,27747121 days agoWill accept requests from any hypermax (Make sure your active team lead is the hypermaxed one or else i'll probably reject you)
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED337,496,274488a day agoHypermax DQXQ, Pandora, Light Kali, Urd rotating. Verdandi is almost there. Max skill Rodin up on Star Vault days for 5x tech.

Also running Minerva, U&Y, every Heroes, Superman, Hathor, Osiris and LZL.

Planning to mess around with all 3 of the Awoken Indians, Awoken Ra and Awoken Bastet.

LF Osiris and Superman.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED367,268,2033828 days agoMain DMeta and Sonia/Lubu. Working on Pandora and Athena teams. Long term U&Y team when I get better subs.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED361,342,20126620 hours ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED379,395,21229510 days agoHave a quad-maxed haku in slot 1. Slot two varies between Pandora, Lu Bu, or something specific to the dungeon of the day. Will have Ganesha up on weekends when I'm not farming king of the gods.

I can never have too many red sonias or Pandoras.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED332,891,2863772 days agoleaders: lu bu, red guan yu, fd shiva (thur/fri)
lf: red guan yu friends
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED389,198,2772788 days agoUsually have Haku or Pandora up. Will also be experimenting with Ra, Bastet, Skuld, LMeta and need more friends for it. Blue Odin will be up on Fridays.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED323,773,2093849 hours agoD/W Batman
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED368,847,3303176 days agoayyy lmao
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED388,793,258288a day agoMain: Pandora Team
Secondary: WR Valk Healer Team and Genbu
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED364,268,2704374 days agoHypermaxed L Meta / Kirin / LKali / DQXQ / Pandora (1 from max skilled)
Looking for similar leader friends & max skill Rodins***!
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED355,176,2084684 days agoRun Kirin, LKali, and Pandora most of the time, occasionally Ronia, Athena, or Urd. Rarely Hathor or Blonia. Will be running Awoken Ra when available on NA server.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED370,622,321331a day agoLF > Awoken Lakshmi and Uevo Blodin friends

- Teams I want to build next: Verdandi
- Someday I want to learn 4 color combo teams (Durga / U&Y Teams)
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED382,857,29732516 days agoD Meta all the time. Hypermax Pandora in 2nd spot most of the time.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED315,753,33224618 days agoMain L Meta, Working on Blue sonia, Red sonia, Athena, Beelzebub, Leilan, Kirin, LKali, nothing but meta worth anything yet.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED332,278,2424832 days agoHathor, L.Kali, Red Sonia, LuBu, D.Meta, Athena - LF: Verdandi, Hathor
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED363,024,3522736 days agoMain leaders are GZL, Pandora and DMeta.

Santa Sakuya and L.Kirin is coming soon. Am diligently practicing my colour matching...
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED300,000,0006142 days agoOnly listed LV.MAX
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED325,657,2443674 hours agoKirin always in slot 1, slot 2 alternates between Pandora and Isis. Other leaders on request or as needed.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED393,249,26932018 hours agoAlways running Pandora + F/L Horus
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED309,312,3057352 days agoLF: Hypermaxed Urd, Verdandi, Yamato, Andromeda, Okuni, Hathor
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED364,795,285287a day agoAlways have Pandora up, usually Athena/LKali in 2nd slot. Working on hypermaxing LKali next and need more LKali friends! Also have F/L Horus, Kirin, Kushi, etc combo leads available on request.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED334,994,24441416 days agoLooking for more Pandora friends.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED342,220,3965563 days agoIn the order of most used to least used:
6)D/L Anubis

On x5 technical monday, my max skilled Rodin will be permanently occupying the 2nd slot all day.
+Hypermaxed Verdandi
+Hypermaxed LKali
+Hypermaxed DMeta
+Hypermaxed Pandora
+297 D/L Anubis
Max Skilled R.Odin
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED340,601,328259a day ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED335,423,3302934 hours agoUsing LMeta, Panda, LKali and U&Y. Looking for similar leads
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED350,590,25043212 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED364,992,2664014 days agoMain Kirin, Light Kali and Pandora
Farm leads: Ronia, Lubu, L meta, L Valk and Athena
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED315,619,352287 days agoPandora
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED334,676,2683093 days agoI mostly run Kirin and Athena, but if you need other leader up just let me know.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED327,896,2991173 days agoRunning DQ and Valk, sometimes L Meta.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED377,599,27925212 days agoGoals:
Pandora Team
Athena Team
RValk Team
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED363,759,2332665 days agoUsername: derekchar
Main Team: Pandora, will max skill when dungeon comes around, will +297 ASAP
2nd Team: Light Metatron
3rd Team: Kirin
4th Team: DQXQ
5th Team: Karin
6th Team: Dark Metatron
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED338,712,37434613 days agoforever struggling
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED313,586,2463649 days agoHi!

I love pad. seriously.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED311,412,3984329 hours agoI run most anything and everything that I have for leaders. Looking for Red Odin friends and eventually G/D Astaroth for Cauchemar.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED375,256,24450512 hours agoI primarily run fire and dragon teams (RGY, Yamato, Urd, Krishna & DL Fagan the most). I'll have Verdandi, Skuld and Andro up more as I fill out their teams.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED310,540,3503355 days agoMain: Pandora, D.Meta, L.Kali, Verdandi, Beelzebub, Yamato Takeru, Okuninushi in that order.
Farm: Satan, Athena, Ronia, Red Guan Yu.
WIP: Parvati, Horus, Wukong, Durga, Nut, U&Y.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED323,959,2324427 hours agoMainly leading with RGY and Athena, other leaders will be swapped in on occasion when needed. Hypermax Krishna in Team 1.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED310,865,2073262 days agoRun mainly Blue Valkyrie & Kirin
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED369,915,38329710 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED381,399,2053913 days agohi i usually run hypermax lmeta and hypermax okuni
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED389,556,29640923 days agoUmisachi & Yamasachi, Pandora, Light Metatron
99Max+99+86+98REDACTED322,796,2973383 days agoSlot 1: Umisachi and Yamasachi
Slot 2: Urd, Pandora, Okuninushi, and others.

I run Awoken Hino for SV, and Red Odin on Mondays (usually).
99Max+99+82+99REDACTED395,867,2294424 days agoHypermax Athena, Lu BU, LMeta and Ronia (both 6 & 7 star versions)
994+90+91+99REDACTED331,295,24524811 hours agoStill just trying to figure this game out.
99Max+99+73+99REDACTED310,365,2992312 days agonom nom nom
99Max+99+71+95REDACTED312,499,2222712 days agoMain: L. Meta, Pandora
Others: I&I, G/L Bastet, Athena, Dmeta
99Max+99+89+76REDACTED320,749,31133616 days ago14/10/2014 start date
99Max+84+79+99REDACTED398,798,244305a day agolucker
995+75+75+99REDACTED318,989,29219014 hours ago
991+95+66+82REDACTED343,880,2752847 hours agoAlmost always have 2 of Ronia, Athena or Pandora up.
99Max+72+86+82REDACTED360,286,27730311 hours agoPandora always up in slot 1
Other Leaders are mostly Byakko, Dark Meta, Hathor
Usually gonna add everyone as long as I still have friendspace

Looking for more Hathor friends
99Max+90+66+81REDACTED301,068,21936027 days agoMostly run D/D Haku or Lu Bu, now Athena. Also have a strong Horus team, with L/L Ra hanging out in the background. And having fun with D/W Batman and D/L Zeus.
99Max+69+85+81REDACTED316,925,3882834 days agoCurrently keep up Haku and Pandora.
99Max+69+70+81REDACTED342,728,31821417 hours agoTerrible non-IAP player trying to make his way in the world
99Max+73+70+72REDACTED345,691,29920612 hours agoMain Leads:

* Uvo Pandora: Max Skill, +140
* Awoken Ceres
* Athena: +125
994+66+70+75REDACTED391,361,2512482 days agoIngame name: mew
Leads available: (in no particular order)
Haku (D/D), Leilan (R/L), Persephone (D/R), Kirin (L/L), Awoken Odin (G/L), Pandora(uevo), Ronia (uevo), Drawn Joker, Echidna (R/R), Dark Metatron(D/B), Lucifer (D/B), Athena (uevo), Awoken Minerva

Everything is maxed on Awakenings unless specified. WIP = Work In Progress.
993+80+45+60REDACTED391,750,3262262 hours ago+297 Ronia, +1XX Urd, looking for Urd and Pandora friends.
99Max+61+73+49REDACTED325,002,3693176 days agoStandard.
99Max+62+67+52REDACTED383,894,2483703 days agoNeed shiva and pandora friends.
99Max+99+46+31REDACTED329,717,3113279 hours agoAthena, Pandora, and Beelzebub mainly.
99Max+53+45+75REDACTED369,499,2173475 hours agoHYPERMAX Anubis & HYPERMAX Ronia are main leads. Also, Max Skill Pandora & Athena. Catwomen for Coin dungeons. Low cost/rarity Robin. Please add my other HYPERMAX Anubis & HYPERMAX LKali account! 353,495,217.
99Max+62+59+49REDACTED397,835,3171876 days agoPandora is always in slot 1; I also run GZL, U/Y, Ame no Uzume and LMeta. Working on Verdandi.

Looking for Ame no Uzume friends for Thursday Mythical!
99Max+61+58+48REDACTED398,813,302248a day agoFarm with Beez; Pandora in 1st; looking for more Lkali (max skill)
99Max+48+60+57REDACTED359,202,3063003 days agoHello!
99Max+61+56+48REDACTED397,663,2012932 days agoI primarily run Lu Bu, and almost always keep Byakko or Pandora up in my other team slot.
99Max+54+47+56REDACTED309,795,2183252 hours agoRonia/Athena/Kirin/DMeta
99Max+49+50+50REDACTED316,543,36017016 days ago
99Max+63+22+45REDACTED304,475,22728019 days agoGodfest rolls (that I can remember):
2013.10.31 (~12 rolls): Naga, Cupid, Dryad, Vampire Lord, Shardra, Mystic Ice Knight, Gigas, Amon, Machine Golem, Highlander, Toytops, Izanagi, Mystic Light Knight
2014.01.01 (~4 rolls): Archangel Lucifer, Sylph, Dryad, Hades
2014.02.14 (1 roll): Loki
2014.02.28 (2 rolls): Dark Dragon Knight, Flame Golem.
2014.03.31 (2 rolls): Messenger of God Archangel, Ice Guardian (+1)
??? (3 rolls) (5E + 3K): Leilan, Meimei, Msytic Light Kn
995+42+46+42REDACTED354,741,3032397 hours agoI hate skill ups.
99Max+30+45+40REDACTED389,866,2252638 hours agoPerma D/D Haku, switch between Athena, Pandora, L-Meta, Ronia. Kushinada weekends.
994+42+37+32REDACTED342,390,24227123 hours agoMain leads: Kirin, R/L Leilan, Athena, Blonia, Haku, Ra
WIP leads: Satan, Ronia, LKali, Mei Mei, R/G Leilan, DQXQ, D/D Tsukuyomi, D/L Anubis, Lu Bu, Izanagi
991+30+48+29REDACTED323,481,2203154 days agoMain leads: Lu Bu, R/L Horus,
Others (in order of use): Umi&Yami, Pandora, Shiva, Athena, Amaterasu, Lucifer
995+39+19+45REDACTED362,423,3052694 days agoMain leads: Athena, Pandora, GSonia
99Max+44+22+28REDACTED368,294,2533142 days agoLeads: Byakko, Lu Bu, Ronia, Beelzebub, Lkali, Andromeda, Pandora, Okuninushi
By Request: Kirin, U&Y, Horus, Kushinada, Green Odin, Rebel Seraph Lucifer
Looking for Okuni friends!
99Max+32+29+27REDACTED317,101,3082242 days agoMostly run Awoken Odin, though am working on Ame no Uzume and Pandora
99Max+27+27+27REDACTED329,985,2712944 days agoHello Guys and Gals :D
Teams: Pandora, Ronia, RGY, Krishna, Lu Bu, D.Meta (Mainly red and black teams)
WIP: Verdandi, Andromeda, Hathor (Trying to branch out to these colours nowadays)
Farming teams: Kagutsuchi (brainless), lilith(tamadra)
LF: RGY, Fagan, and more of the above (besides Ronia)
99Max+25+30+25REDACTED307,050,3361942 days ago