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LevelSkillAwoken+HP+ATK+RCVUsernameFriend IDRankLast ActiveProfile Text
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,754,250304151 days agoMain RPandora, now RKush, RShiva, and Ganesha

100K away from my DAthena! wooh!

LF: friends. If possible RPandora, RKush, Ganesha, Meridionalis, or Andromeda.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED385,298,28745219 days agoMain - Bastet/Pandora
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED378,603,39840449 days agoyep
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED362,732,29290032 days agowow this game sucks
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED393,949,346499115 days agoYou Yu, A. Liu Bei, Kaede, Cecil
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED302,310,48630014 hours agoMain 1# Inahime +78 HP, +76 ATK, +50 RCV
2# Blue Hunter +297 | Indra or Orochi inherit
3# Acala +297 | Acala inherit

Switching my favorites around. Currently burning with fiery passion for Inahime so if you desire the fight as much as I do add me.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED399,159,20177119 days agoMain Leaders: Awoken Pandora, Awoken Shiva, Awoken Yomi, Blue Sonia
Other Leaders: Awoken Haku, Awoken Astaroth, Green Sonia, Awoken Parvati
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED375,256,24480264 days agoI primarily run fire teams (ShivaDragon, A.Shiva, Urd, A.Horus, Ilm and Tsubaki the most). I farm with Verdandi a lot. I'll be building out YomiDragon, A.Yom & Z8 teams for a little while.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,652,3978004 hours ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED335,882,3036466 hours agoI started playing 22 Aug 2015. My main teams are now Dark Athena (replacing A. Pandora/A. Luci/Yomigon), Sara/You Yu, A. Liu Bei, and Tsubaki, and I've cleared quite a few descends. I made rank 600 on 9 Jan 2017 (day 507).

Goals: Increase my combo skill to hit 7 combos consistently; Build a light team: Ilm? Myr?; Beat Arena 1 and recent harder descends; Hypermax more cards (61 so far).

My PF blog is here:
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED349,626,32454233 days agoLooking for Anaphon friends with ALB/AKrishna available.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED357,027,3198832 days agoHi! I mainly run Revo Anubis, Wood Ney, Blue Hunter, Meri, RMyr, RLB, Ilm, Gremory, Dantalion, Paimon, DAthena, Cthugha, Revo Bastet, Sarasvati, Revo DQXQ, Revo Yomi, etc.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED395,103,432395150 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED379,830,2956502 days agoI lead a miscellaneous hodgepodge, usually whatever was in-meta about two months ago.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED341,838,3364453 days agoTeam 1 leader: Hyper Ronia or Hyper A Sakuya
Team 2 Leader: Hyper Lu Bu

Active Leaders: Hyper L Kali, Beelzebub, A Shiva, Verdandi
Occasionally use: A Sakuya, A Amaterasu, Awoken Lucifer, A Bastet
Also have: A Ra, D. Meta, Pandora (uuevo and almost have awoken), A Venus, A Minerva, Santa Kirin, A I&I, A Thor, A Yomi, A Horus, Rodin
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED358,701,486251165 days ago.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED329,468,3915518 hours agoKaede main. Shiva/Panda/AI&I/Verd/ALB and other leads by request.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,397,33228136 days agoAIZEN AIZEN AIZEN
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,757,32047141 mins agoNo profile here
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED300,185,282133134 days agoMost commonly used leaders: Byakko, Cu Chu, CDK, Duke Vampire Lord
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED390,062,27365268 days agoLF Meimei friends. Frequently use Kushi and Aizen.
Less frequently use Anubis, Beach Lakshmi, Minerva/Tsubaki, Old Man.
I'm active more than I should be, so PM for other leads or even coop/carry.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED300,139,388530132 days agolead upon request.
100% acceptance rate for XiuMin and Barbara
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED309,493,253326115 days agoLooking for A. Ra, A. Pandora, A. Luci, Blonia, Sumire, Sarasvati, Revo Lakshmi Teams
Most Used Teams: Awoken Ra, Awoken Pandora, Blonia
Slot 1: Sumire
Slot 2: A. Panda
Slot 3: Any of the teams above in the looking section. Will probably have Revo Ra up more often than not when he's out
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED352,586,34846119 days agoKrishna, Sumire, ReLak, ReCeres, Attackerasu, AAmaterasu, Myr, APanda, Gremory, Halloween Xiang Mei
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED318,661,348482an hour agoSlot 1 Hyper Typhon (3 SDR)
BFF slot Penta APandora (3 SDR)
Other used leads Myr/ALB/ACaoCao/MHera/MZeus
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED369,323,33934924 days agousing dark athena I guess. LF Julie for a skuld x julie team
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED322,948,34362164 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED312,095,23124744 days agoDathena, Dmeta, Bride Eschi, Meri
96Max+99+99+99REDACTED354,575,259591166 days agoRandom hypers up.
93Max+99+99+99REDACTED324,576,2768004 hours agoMain: Hyper ReBastet (first slot), Hyper ReMinerva (second slot), Myr, ALiu Bei, ReLakshmi, APersephone, AFLuci, HXiang Mei, RevoRa, ReKushi , Yomidra
Other: ASakuya, AYomi, ReHorus
92Max+99+99+99REDACTED377,693,3993074 days agoSniper at Rest Myr
Awoken Pandora
88Max+99+99+99REDACTED340,376,342150108 days agoBlurb
861+1+15+53REDACTED300,426,471191114 days agoCasual? Serious? Something in-between really.
78Max+99+99+99REDACTED372,252,20551279 days agoSummyr, Sumire, A. Luci, Shivadra, ALB, all ready to go!
761+0+0+0REDACTED366,184,3065344 days agoHey there guys Tyler here I have been playing PAD for a very long time now. People of the old timers listen up the new patch for this game who are out there somewhere is now live if anybody is out there needs box advice help come to my facebook group page
70Max+99+99+99REDACTED356,174,3855616 days agoI main BMyr, ADQXQ, Sarasvati, Krishna, Vishnu. WIP Durga, Ilm, Tsubaki, Castor&Pollux
651+1+99+0REDACTED372,926,489186150 days ago
60Max+99+99+99REDACTED369,797,3415848 hours agoCurrently using mainly RevoBastet, Sumire and Myr. Waiting for DAthena. Sometimes I use RMinerva.
60Max+99+99+99REDACTED310,721,356401164 days ago◯: Ganesha △: Myr ▢: ACC
Alternates: Noctis, R.Panda, Yuna, R.Sakuya, R.Kushi (wip)

Currently accepting everyone.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED378,620,30470131 days agoLeader slots: qt grills most of the time; meta garbage for hard content (rarely).
$ spent so far: 0.00.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED310,445,217450366 days agoMainly L. Metatron (+297) / Red Sonia (+297). Also WR. Valkyrie (+297) and Kirin (+297) for descend
On Request: Ult. D. Metraton (+297), Sarasvati, DQ Hera-Ur ,Blue Odin (+297, Max Skill), Andromeda, Bastet, Kushinada, G. Guan Yu, Ra, Dark Metatron, Byakko (D/D), RS Lucifer and others....
Looking for Sarasvati, Lu Bu....
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED392,012,33768031 days agoI mainly Run Lkali & A.Bastet. Other leads on occation.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED394,989,248660196 days agoMain leaders: Yomidra, whatever is new and good.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED356,144,389454561 days agoOmnimax Light Kali always in slot 1, BFF stuff in Slot 2. Hypermax Awoken Bastet in active slot most of the time. Also have: Awoken Ra, Yomi Dragon, Ult Verdandi, Awoken Sakuya, Hypermax Red Sonia, Hypermax SS Isis, Goemon, Rodin, Kanna, Urd, Pandora
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED345,668,249503546 days agoronia dmeta leads up most of the time. pm for leader switch
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,177,23867439 mins agoHypermax Rodin in slot 1, mostly running hypermax Xiang Mei as my active leader

Hypermax Shiva Dragon in Slot 2 if you BF me
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED307,750,231500217 days ago"Minori"
Main leaders (pentamax): Verdandi, Sakuya, Bastet, Ama, I&I, Freyja

Looking for Ryune, Sylvie, Artemis, Elize.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED379,616,358531528 days agoLeaders: Shiva Dragon, Neptune Dragon, Awoken Shiva, Awoken Bastet and Awoken Lakshmi
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED314,645,203341195 days agoMostly run D. Meta, Pandora, and Ronia. Also have a max Kirin team that I run when I am bored.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED334,773,287404104 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED318,989,29233425 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED306,106,310342568 days agoyo
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED358,707,303377344 days agoUsual leads: Blonia, AShiva, I&I
Occasionally Pandora, Gadius, Valk
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED373,849,323273339 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED388,793,258288345 days agoMain: Pandora Team
Secondary: WR Valk Healer Team and Genbu
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED305,280,206636126 days ago305,280,206
Mains: Krishna, Ronove, Yomidra, Kaede, Myr, Sumire, AShiva, ALB, APanda, Sarasfatty, Dtron, Ganesha
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED317,101,308357528 days agoMostly run Awoken Odin, though am working on Ame no Uzume and Pandora
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED381,399,20539126 days agohi i usually run hypermax lmeta and hypermax okuni
57Max+99+99+99REDACTED301,209,365316166 days agoA Ra, Verdandi, Sumire, Pandora
57Max+99+99+99REDACTED335,922,366357187 days ago◯: A.Bastet (hyper) △: Sumire ▢: ALB (hyper)
Alternates: Yamato, A.Pandora (hyper)
Others (not regularly used): A.Ama, A.Sakuya, Verd, Ronia, Lu Bu

Currently accepting everyone.
57Max+99+99+99REDACTED315,054,34452147 days agoYomiDra AwokenHorus Verdandi
57Max+99+99+99REDACTED352,771,252291169 days agoI typically lead with Pandora, Kirin, Kaede, and Skuld.
57Max+99+99+99REDACTED379,723,355525140 days agoMain Leads: A.Shiva, A.Ra, A.Pandora
Alternate Leads: Ronia, A.Bastet, A.Parvati, A.Amaterasu, Thoria, A.Sakuya, A.Hades, AA Lucifer
WIP: Perseus, Blue Sonia

Hypermax: Pandora Shiva, Ra, Ronia, Thor, Hades, Red Kali, Cao Cao, Freyr
Next Hypermax: AA Lucifer, Pandora, Light Kali
994+99+99+99REDACTED376,561,35872520 days agoBlah blah blah. ..

Any suggestions are welcome.
574+99+99+99REDACTED316,420,33823834 days agoPretty much just Pandora 24/7
571+99+99+99REDACTED397,518,34932128 days agoI like to run Lu Bu parties as my default but i do use
Bastet,DXXQ,Anubis when needed
99Max+82+89+77REDACTED318,867,205188467 days agoAfter wandering aimlessly, now working to organize and conquer!
Mainly run: Astaroth, Duke Vamp, Chu Chu
Sometimes: ADK, Horus, Kirin, Karin, Utilities
992+6+60+99REDACTED381,337,352211291 days agoSomething, something
99Max+22+27+42REDACTED386,862,334175160 days ago
99Max+20+21+21REDACTED343,218,476131200 days agoPaimon. Pandora are my main two leaders.
99Max+7+16+12REDACTED351,524,346347551 days agoI am Vietnamese !
994+10+10+10REDACTED348,482,245372580 days agoSupergirl, Ronia, Pandora or Verdandi up most of the time. LF Supergirl and Gadius friends.
99Max+9+9+11REDACTED314,243,321124318 days agoCurrently run BG Karin as main leader.
99Max+7+9+12REDACTED353,924,354275544 days agoWill usually main Urd, Sakuya or Kali. Working on Pandora.
99Max+6+9+5REDACTED349,368,38431970 days agoHi!
993+4+7+4REDACTED309,867,367121564 days ago
99Max+2+3+3REDACTED360,651,373653165 days ago.
994+2+0+2REDACTED370,778,324265410 days agoToo many things
995+1+2+0REDACTED355,940,382269576 days agoGroup A
99Max+1+0+1REDACTED343,974,33337123 days agoSakuya, A.Shiva, Verd mains. Pandora for farming. Building Anubis, A.Sak, Ra Dragon, A.Lak, and Horus.
99Max+1+1+0REDACTED328,954,353941174 days agoHypermax Pandora, DMeta, LKali, Verdandi, Bastet, and Yomigon.
Other leads: Z8, AYomi, ARa, Shivagon, Nepdra, & Rodin/Goemon for button farming.
991+1+0+1REDACTED376,965,321310555 days agoI'll never have the money to catch them all
99Max+0+1+0REDACTED378,208,365371535 days ago
99Max+0+0+1REDACTED382,422,394275407 days agoSlot1 Helper: Awoken Meimei, BFF Helper: Awoken Amaterasu, other leaders: Ult Baal, Ult Pandora, Dark Metatron, both versions of Zhuge Liang, Light Kali, Awoken Lakshmi, Ult Kushinadahime, Awoken Lucifer, Bronzed Valkyrie Claire, Ult Blue Sonia, etc.
994+0+1+0REDACTED334,657,244291342 days agoI have a decent mix of gods available, just message me if you want me to put a particular one up.
99Max+0+0+0REDACTED371,640,218367233 days ago
99Max+0+0+0REDACTED341,628,359168328 days ago
991+0+0+0REDACTED382,191,33477531 days ago
81Max+0+0+0REDACTED363,708,350192512 days agomostly running Kanna, occasionally red / blue sonia
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED329,657,225357908 days agoOkuni/Panda/Dmeta/Haku are my usual leads.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED334,296,288337842 days agoMainly run Haku, but also occasionally run Ronia and Shiva
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED323,836,349592776 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED342,220,396692748 days agoHypermaxed Leads in the order of most used to least used:
6)D/L Anubis
8)A. Shiva

On x5 technical monday / SV, my max skilled Rodin & Hypermax Goemon will be permanently occupying the 1st and 2nd slot all day.

LF: BFF of any ranks (msg me first at because I always prioritize BFF)
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED305,695,213445721 days agoPandora for KoG. Sometimes use Haku. Light Metatron for farming. Add me if you like. My ID is 305,695,213.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED311,412,398543530 days agoIlm for life
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED337,496,274619263 days agoHypermax DQ, Pandora, Light Kali, Urd, Verdandi rotating. Typhon and Superman are being plussed r/n

Max skill Rodin up on Star Vault days for 5x tech. Goemon ready for 3x normals.

Superman is usually in the best friend spot

Planning to mess around with Awoken Shiva and Awoken Ra.

LF Wukong, Superman and Typhon.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED337,428,374348721 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED345,691,299206671 days agoMain Leads:

* Uvo Pandora: Max Skill, +250
* Awoken Ceres
* Athena: +125
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,249,287423901 days agoHypermax mains:
Kirin, Pandora, Valkarie, Light Metatron
Currently working on:
Minerva, Light Kali
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED397,835,317318184 days agoPandora is always in slot 1; I also run GZL. Working on Verdandi, LKali and A. Shiva.

Looking for Ame no Uzume friends for Thursday Mythical!