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LevelSkillAwoken+HP+ATK+RCVUsernameFriend IDRankLast ActiveProfile Text
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,652,3978005 hours ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED335,882,30363011 hours agoI started playing 22 Aug 2015. My main teams are now Dark Athena (replacing A. Pandora/A. Luci/Yomigon), Sara/You Yu, A. Liu Bei, and Tsubaki, and I've cleared quite a few descends. I made rank 600 on 9 Jan 2017 (day 507).

Goals: Increase my combo skill to hit 7 combos consistently; Build a light team: Ilm? Myr?; Beat Arena 1 and recent harder descends; Hypermax more cards (61 so far).

My PF blog is here:
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED393,949,3464997 hours agoYou Yu, A. Liu Bei, Kaede, Cecil
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED309,493,2533264 hours agoLooking for A. Ra, A. Pandora, A. Luci, Blonia, Sumire, Sarasvati, Revo Lakshmi Teams
Most Used Teams: Awoken Ra, Awoken Pandora, Blonia
Slot 1: Sumire
Slot 2: A. Panda
Slot 3: Any of the teams above in the looking section. Will probably have Revo Ra up more often than not when he's out
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,754,25030430 days agoMain RPandora, now RKush, RShiva, and Ganesha

100K away from my DAthena! wooh!

LF: friends. If possible RPandora, RKush, Ganesha, Meridionalis, or Andromeda.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED390,062,27361625 days agoLF Meimei friends. Frequently use Kushi and Aizen.
Less frequently use Anubis, Beach Lakshmi, Minerva/Tsubaki, Old Man.
I'm active more than I should be, so PM for other leads or even coop/carry.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED300,185,28213313 days agoMost commonly used leaders: Byakko, Cu Chu, CDK, Duke Vampire Lord
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED357,027,3198328 days agoHi! I mainly run DAthena, Meri, ALB, A. Anubis, Myr, Revo Minerva, Ilm, Dantalion, Paimon, Revo Bastet, Sarasvati, Sumire, Sherias Roots, MHera, DQXQ, Anaphon, Revo Pandora, Revo Yomi, etc.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED399,159,20175421 days agoMain Leaders: Awoken Pandora, Awoken Shiva, Awoken Yomi, Blue Sonia
Other Leaders: Awoken Haku, Awoken Astaroth, Green Sonia, Awoken Parvati
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED385,298,28745218 hours agoMain - Bastet/Pandora
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED300,139,38853011 days agolead upon request.
100% acceptance rate for XiuMin and Barbara
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED381,798,24871145 days agoMains Meri, Myr.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED378,603,3984043 days agoyep
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED395,103,43239529 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED329,468,391551a day agoKaede main. Shiva/Panda/AI&I/Verd/ALB and other leads by request.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED358,701,48625144 days ago.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED318,661,3484822 days agoSlot 1 Hyper Typhon (3 SDR)
BFF slot Penta APandora (3 SDR)
Other used leads Myr/ALB/ACaoCao/MHera/MZeus
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,757,320471a day agoNo profile here
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED375,256,24480217 days agoI primarily run fire teams (ShivaDragon, A.Shiva, Urd, A.Horus, Ilm and Tsubaki the most). I farm with Verdandi a lot. I'll be building out YomiDragon, A.Yom & Z8 teams for a little while.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,397,3322816 days agoAIZEN AIZEN AIZEN
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED379,830,295430a day agoI lead a miscellaneous hodgepodge, including Myr, RaDra, Meri, Sarasvati, ALB.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED341,838,336445a day agoTeam 1 leader: Hyper Ronia or Hyper A Sakuya
Team 2 Leader: Hyper Lu Bu

Active Leaders: Hyper L Kali, Beelzebub, A Shiva, Verdandi
Occasionally use: A Sakuya, A Amaterasu, Awoken Lucifer, A Bastet
Also have: A Ra, D. Meta, Pandora (uuevo and almost have awoken), A Venus, A Minerva, Santa Kirin, A I&I, A Thor, A Yomi, A Horus, Rodin
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED362,732,29290022 hours agowow this game sucks
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED312,095,2312474 days agoDefault leaders most of the time:
Lu Bu +137
DMeta +45 (new to this team, pouring all my +eggs into it from now on)

LF DMeta friends desperately to get more use out of her.
96Max+99+99+99REDACTED354,575,25959145 days agoRandom hypers up.
92Max+99+99+99REDACTED377,693,399307a day agoSniper at Rest Myr
Awoken Pandora
92Max+99+99+99REDACTED324,576,2768005 hours agoMain: Hyper ReBastet (first slot), Hyper ReMinerva (second slot), Myr, ALiu Bei, ReLakshmi, APersephone, AFLuci, HXiang Mei, RevoRa, ReKushi , Yomidra
Other: ASakuya, AYomi, ReHorus
87Max+99+99+99REDACTED320,793,37345525 days agoHello everybody!
86Max+99+99+99REDACTED389,556,29665628 days agoPandora, Roots, Sumire
861+1+15+53REDACTED300,426,47119110 days agoCasual? Serious? Something in-between really.
70Max+99+99+99REDACTED356,174,38548919 days agoI main BMyr, ADQXQ, Sarasvati, Krishna, Vishnu. WIP Durga, Ilm, Tsubaki, Castor&Pollux
69Max+99+99+99REDACTED352,586,34846121 days agoKrishna, Sumire, ReLak, ReCeres, Attackerasu, AAmaterasu, Myr, APanda, Gremory, Halloween Xiang Mei
651+1+99+0REDACTED372,926,48918629 days ago
60Max+99+99+99REDACTED369,797,341549a day agoCurrently using mainly RevoBastet, Sumire and Myr. Waiting for DAthena. Sometimes I use RMinerva.
60Max+99+99+99REDACTED310,721,35640143 days ago◯: Ganesha △: Myr ▢: ACC
Alternates: Noctis, R.Panda, Yuna, R.Sakuya, R.Kushi (wip)

Currently accepting everyone.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED378,620,3046796 days agoLeader slots: Sumi, Miru, Kaede. Sometimes MHera, MAth.
See my other teams here on Padherder.

Will accept leads with bad synergy if they're cute and hyper. I keep BFs of any rank.
$ spent so far: 0.00.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED373,849,323273218 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED356,144,389454440 days agoOmnimax Light Kali always in slot 1, BFF stuff in Slot 2. Hypermax Awoken Bastet in active slot most of the time. Also have: Awoken Ra, Yomi Dragon, Ult Verdandi, Awoken Sakuya, Hypermax Red Sonia, Hypermax SS Isis, Goemon, Rodin, Kanna, Urd, Pandora
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED319,177,23866629 days agoHypermax Rodin in slot 1, mostly running hypermax Xiang Mei as my active leader

Hypermax Shiva Dragon in Slot 2 if you BF me
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED306,106,310342447 days agoyo
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED310,445,217450245 days agoMainly L. Metatron (+297) / Red Sonia (+297). Also WR. Valkyrie (+297) and Kirin (+297) for descend
On Request: Ult. D. Metraton (+297), Sarasvati, DQ Hera-Ur ,Blue Odin (+297, Max Skill), Andromeda, Bastet, Kushinada, G. Guan Yu, Ra, Dark Metatron, Byakko (D/D), RS Lucifer and others....
Looking for Sarasvati, Lu Bu....
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED317,101,308357407 days agoMostly run Awoken Odin, though am working on Ame no Uzume and Pandora
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED307,750,23150096 days ago"Minori"
Main leaders (pentamax): Verdandi, Sakuya, Bastet, Ama, I&I, Freyja

Looking for Ryune, Sylvie, Artemis, Elize.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED345,668,249503425 days agoronia dmeta leads up most of the time. pm for leader switch
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED314,645,20334174 days agoMostly run D. Meta, Pandora, and Ronia. Also have a max Kirin team that I run when I am bored.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED318,989,29233423 hours ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED379,616,358531407 days agoLeaders: Shiva Dragon, Neptune Dragon, Awoken Shiva, Awoken Bastet and Awoken Lakshmi
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED334,773,287404398 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED394,989,24866075 days agoMain leaders: Yomidra, whatever is new and good.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED358,707,303377223 days agoUsual leads: Blonia, AShiva, I&I
Occasionally Pandora, Gadius, Valk
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED305,280,2066365 days ago305,280,206
Mains: Krishna, Ronove, Yomidra, Kaede, Myr, Sumire, AShiva, ALB, APanda, Sarasfatty, Dtron, Ganesha
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED388,793,258288224 days agoMain: Pandora Team
Secondary: WR Valk Healer Team and Genbu
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED381,399,20539119 hours agohi i usually run hypermax lmeta and hypermax okuni
57Max+99+99+99REDACTED301,209,36531645 days agoA Ra, Verdandi, Sumire, Pandora
57Max+99+99+99REDACTED335,922,36635766 days ago◯: A.Bastet (hyper) △: Sumire ▢: ALB (hyper)
Alternates: Yamato, A.Pandora (hyper)
Others (not regularly used): A.Ama, A.Sakuya, Verd, Ronia, Lu Bu

Currently accepting everyone.
57Max+99+99+99REDACTED352,771,25229148 days agoI typically lead with Pandora, Kirin, Kaede, and Skuld.
57Max+99+99+99REDACTED379,723,35552519 days agoMain Leads: A.Shiva, A.Ra, A.Pandora
Alternate Leads: Ronia, A.Bastet, A.Parvati, A.Amaterasu, Thoria, A.Sakuya, A.Hades, AA Lucifer
WIP: Perseus, Blue Sonia

Hypermax: Pandora Shiva, Ra, Ronia, Thor, Hades, Red Kali, Cao Cao, Freyr
Next Hypermax: AA Lucifer, Pandora, Light Kali
994+99+99+99REDACTED376,561,35872399 days agoBlah blah blah. ..

Any suggestions are welcome.
99Max+82+89+77REDACTED318,867,205188346 days agoAfter wandering aimlessly, now working to organize and conquer!
Mainly run: Astaroth, Duke Vamp, Chu Chu
Sometimes: ADK, Horus, Kirin, Karin, Utilities
992+6+60+99REDACTED381,337,352211170 days agoSomething, something
99Max+22+27+42REDACTED386,862,33417539 days ago
99Max+20+21+21REDACTED343,218,47613179 days agoPaimon. Pandora are my main two leaders.
99Max+7+16+12REDACTED351,524,346347430 days agoI am Vietnamese !
994+10+10+10REDACTED348,482,245372459 days agoSupergirl, Ronia, Pandora or Verdandi up most of the time. LF Supergirl and Gadius friends.
99Max+9+9+11REDACTED314,243,321124197 days agoCurrently run BG Karin as main leader.
99Max+7+9+12REDACTED353,924,354275423 days agoWill usually main Urd, Sakuya or Kali. Working on Pandora.
99Max+6+9+5REDACTED349,368,3843192 days agoHi! I currently run Yomi Dragon as my main lead, Awoken Haku on slot 1.
993+4+7+4REDACTED309,867,367121443 days ago
99Max+2+3+3REDACTED360,651,37365344 days ago.
994+2+0+2REDACTED370,778,324265289 days agoToo many things
995+1+2+0REDACTED355,940,382269455 days agoGroup A
99Max+1+0+1REDACTED343,974,333371140 days agoSakuya, A.Shiva, Verd mains. Pandora for farming. Building Anubis, A.Sak, Ra Dragon, A.Lak, and Horus.
99Max+1+1+0REDACTED328,954,35394153 days agoHypermax Pandora, DMeta, LKali, Verdandi, Bastet, and Yomigon.
Other leads: Z8, AYomi, ARa, Shivagon, Nepdra, & Rodin/Goemon for button farming.
991+1+0+1REDACTED376,965,321310434 days agoI'll never have the money to catch them all
99Max+0+1+0REDACTED378,208,365371414 days ago
99Max+0+0+1REDACTED382,422,394275286 days agoSlot1 Helper: Awoken Meimei, BFF Helper: Awoken Amaterasu, other leaders: Ult Baal, Ult Pandora, Dark Metatron, both versions of Zhuge Liang, Light Kali, Awoken Lakshmi, Ult Kushinadahime, Awoken Lucifer, Bronzed Valkyrie Claire, Ult Blue Sonia, etc.
994+0+1+0REDACTED334,657,244291221 days agoI have a decent mix of gods available, just message me if you want me to put a particular one up.
99Max+0+0+0REDACTED371,640,218367112 days ago
99Max+0+0+0REDACTED341,628,359168207 days ago
991+0+0+0REDACTED382,191,33477410 days ago
81Max+0+0+0REDACTED363,708,350192391 days agomostly running Kanna, occasionally red / blue sonia
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED311,891,290282517 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED315,753,332355567 days agoMain Hypermax Pandora, Hypermax Dmeta, Working on Hypermaxing Lkali, then A shiva.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED361,342,20126626 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED315,619,35228623 days agoPandora
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED368,847,330489394 days agoayyy lmao
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED333,856,218380678 days agoBeen inactive for a while, working on catching up with the times.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED316,925,388363502 days agoCurrently keep up Haku and Pandora.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED333,297,28793614 days agoAtm using chinese god and odin as leaders
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED305,695,213445600 days agoPandora for KoG. Sometimes use Haku. Light Metatron for farming. Add me if you like. My ID is 305,695,213.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED347,407,35936874 days agoHypermax : Athena, Pandora, Bonia
Next +297 : msonia, LLKali

Daily 1st Leader : LLKali/Athena+297
Weekend Leader : msonia, kushinada
Others : Pandora+297, AShiva, Lubu, AHinokagutsuchi, Bonia+297

Looking for : Hypermax Pandora
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED379,395,212413257 days agoHave a quad-maxed haku in slot 1. Slot two varies between Pandora, Lu Bu, or something specific to the dungeon of the day. Will have Ganesha up on weekends when I'm not farming king of the gods.

I can never have too many red sonias or Pandoras.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED390,604,335212714 days agohi
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED337,428,374348600 days ago
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED352,324,339450691 days agoRonia, Pandora, D. Meta leads.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED334,296,288337721 days agoMainly run Haku, but also occasionally run Ronia and Shiva
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED364,268,270459765 days agoHypermaxed L Meta / Kirin / LKali / DQXQ / Pandora (1 from max skilled)
Looking for similar leader friends & max skill Rodins***!
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED367,268,203435434 days agoMain DMeta and Sonia/Lubu. Working on Pandora and Athena teams. Long term U&Y team when I get better subs.
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED320,749,311354633 days ago14/10/2014 start date
99Max+99+99+99REDACTED321,014,315382252 days agoRunning Horus most of the time! Also have hyper Lkali and Pandora, and +297 GZL and Orochi. Add me if you wanna use my leads or if you farm with max skill!