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Posted by freddie at 2013-07-04 08:39:25 +0000 (2292d 15h 16m 5s ago)

My first news post, woo.

  • There's a 'News' link on the top left. It has news. A star will appear when there's unread news.
  • Added 'My Sets' page and (relevant public functionality) to let you see at a glance how many of each 'group' of monsters you own. You probably don't want to look at this if you are an obsessive collector.
  • The navbar user link is now just a cog instead of a username.
  • The footer text was shortened and new 'Credits' and '[github] Issues' links have appeared.
  • Fixed My Monsters/Teams not always displaying their hint row whenever you have no entries in the table.
  • Various misc optimizations.

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