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Posted by freddie at 2013-12-06 05:08:38 +0000 (2139d 17h 17m 33s ago)
  • Dungeon reminder materials are now sorted in box order.
  • Trimmed CSS by another ~8KB.
  • My Materials:
    • Added 'Group by rarity' and 'Group by dungeon' buttons, should be pretty obvious what they do (GH-35).
    • Fixed JP-only materials showing up for non-JP accounts (GH-118).
  • My Monsters:
    • Max level monsters now have a bold/green background 'Level' column (GH-124).
    • Fixed filtering by red not including monsters with only a red sub-element.
    • Fixed 'Add monster' form having no styling on the 'Monster' inputs.
  • My Teams:
    • Added a tiny bit of spacing between awakening icons.
    • Reduced the minimum team table width by ~55px.
    • Fixed Total ATK not including monsters with a red sub-element.
    • Fixed long team names completely breaking the team list layout (GH-120).
    • Fixed some wacky CSS issues with the team list on public pages.
    • Fixed the 'Team Name' input box not having a maxlength, should no longer be a surprise when your team name gets truncated.
    • Fixed 'Total Cost' including friend leader, oops (GH-123).

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