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Posted by freddie at 2013-07-11 06:12:22 +0000 (2285d 17h 43m 43s ago)

I guess I had some more things to fix today.

  • My Monsters 'Add monster' form improvements:
    • Don't hide the form on submit, disable buttons instead.
    • After submit finishes, reset the form to default state and select the monster dropdown again.
    • Allow using 'Enter' on any control to submit the form.
    • Moved Current Level above Current XP since it's much more likely to be used.
    • Moved the message box underneath the form so the form isn't moved on submit.
  • Changed the navbar to go into small page mode at a lower width.
  • Fixed the small page navbar dropdown not working at all, oops.
  • Fixed Dark Pengdra having weird evolution materials.

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