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Posted by freddie at 2013-12-13 13:58:01 +0000 (2130d 9h 56m 55s ago)

Thanks to all of the people that continue to make suggestions and report bugs on the Github Issues page - I try to get around to them as soon as possible, honest!

  • Added the ability to link accounts to each other for fast switching. Head to the 'Linked Accounts' tab in My Account, put in the username/password of your other account, wait for the email, click the link, then switch between accounts instantly via the username dropdown (GH-27).
  • Added 'Starter colour' to My Account, set this if you want to see starter-specific events (GH-128).
  • Switched to jQuery 2.x and included it in the combined libraries JS, fixes some annoying JS warnings. If you're still using IE 6-8 things will break - you should probably try using a real browser, it is 2013 after all.
  • Updated a pile of monsters for JP evolutions, monster/skill name changes, etc (GH-129).
  • My Monsters:
    • Changed the Skill column to show '---' instead of 'Max' for monsters with no active skill (GH-130).
    • Changed the Awoken column '---' text to be muted.
  • My Sets:
    • Added 'Pixie' and 'Werewolf' to Fey Creatures, they will be available when the relevant Mystic Dragon dungeons appear.
    • Added 'Daruma' to Collab Bosses 2.
    • Fixed monsters with JP-only evolutions not counting properly towards sets.
    • Fixed monsters with JP-only evolutions not showing as max level in non-JP countries (GH-132).
  • My Teams:
    • Team order is now changeable by dragging and dropping teams intead of trying to use the goofy arrows (GH-127).

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