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Posted by freddie at 2014-01-03 08:38:04 +0000 (2109d 15h 20m 50s ago)

A whole new year, hurrah. A big thank you to everyone that visited the site over the last 6 months, hopefully some of the big ticket features (YES I KNOW YOU WANT FRIEND STUFF) appear soon and keep you coming back for more. An even bigger thank you to the wide variety of people that have helped make the site better by creating GitHub Issues for bugs/suggestions.

Here's an image of the amusing growth of my only popular project:

  • Added even more new monsters.
  • Updated names of various exciting new ultimate evolutions.
  • Switched back to jQuery 1.x, apparently there are more people than I expected stuck with ridiculously ancient browsers :(
  • Fixed JP events not showing up at all (GH-134).
  • Fixed completely broken timezone handling for dungeon reminders (GH-136).
  • Fixed the navbar not collapsing properly on small screen devices (GH-142).
  • My Materials:
    • Fixed JP-only materials not showing for JP accounts (GH-134).
  • My Sets:
    • Split 'Misc Dragons' into 'Misc Dragons' and 'Invade Dragons' sets (GH-133).
    • Added 'Puzzdroid' and 'Fagan' to the 'Misc Dragons' set.
    • Fixed sets containing multiple ultimate evolution monsters never showing the 'all awoken' star (GH-139).
    • Fixed monsters with no active skill or a max level 1 skill (e.g. Puzzdragon) not counting as max skilled (GH-139).

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