Mission:Fix ThingsNews Archive
Posted by freddie at 2014-01-08 16:36:29 +0000 (2104d 7h 18m 4s ago)
  • Added a basic API to possibly help other people avoid some of the horrors involved in acquiring usable PAD monster data.
  • Added the second set of BAO collab monsters (GH-146).
  • Changed monster popover things to show active skill before leader skill.
  • Fixed the first set of BAO collab monsters not having awoken skills (GH-137).
  • Fixed BAO collab links being broken due to the mess GungHo made of the US vs JP monster IDs (GH-140).
  • Various internal cleanups to prepare the way for ~features~.
  • My Teams:
    • Added the ability to have empty wildcard slots in teams (GH-112).
    • Fixed HTML tags not being stripped from team names and descriptions, oops.
    • Fixed awakening icons slightly mangling the table layout.
    • Fixed monsters with no active skill showing as max skill (GH-148).
    • Fixed PDX Simulator links using the wrong BAO collab monster IDs (GH-155).

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