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Posted by freddie at 2014-01-10 06:12:19 +0000 (2104d 16h 17m 17s ago)

Yes, I finally got around to adding friends - now you can switch from bugging me about adding friends to bugging me about adding X, Y, and Z features that Find Friends is missing. Woo!

  • Added a new 500 Internal server error page for those fun 2am deployments.
  • Fixed Egyptian God ultimate evolutions not showing up.
  • Friends:
    • Visit someone else's page and click the 'Add friend' button in the header thing. This doesn't do much right now, just lets you quickly visit their page via the dropdown in the nav bar. In future it will let you get team stats with their specific monster as friend leader, honest!
    • Added Find Friends. Search for monsters and stuff (GH-102).
    • Added a 'Searchable' setting to My Account, defaulted to ON. You'll need to turn this off if you would like to not be searchable via Find Friends.
    • Added a 'Profile text' setting to My Account, this will be displayed under the public header block (username, ID, etc) and in Find Friends results (GH-13).
  • My Monsters:
    • Fixed 'Bulk add monsters' redirecting several times before reloading page.
    • Fixed the 'no evolution' button not being faded (GH-162).
  • My Teams:
    • Fixed BAO collab monsters linking to the wrong monster when using PDX Simulator links. I HATE THIS COLLAB SO MUCH (GH-163).

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