Breaking things so I can fix themNews Archive
Posted by freddie at 2014-01-16 04:42:13 +0000 (2096d 19h 16m 22s ago)
  • Broke a lot of JS while simplifying how evolutions work internally.
  • Fixed a lot of JS (GH-170, GH-173, GH-178, various IRC reports).
  • Fixed switching between accounts and logout/login not resetting cache properly. Your monster data is now cached using your user id as the key, not 'me' (GH-175).
  • Fixed the password reset process throwing KABOOM errors on the final step.
  • My Monsters:
    • The monsters table should render a lot faster with many monsters.
    • Editing a monster should show the inline form a lot faster.
    • Fixed various weird input/select sizing issues when editing a monster.
    • Fixed hitting Enter to save a monster row while a popover is active leaving the popover stuck on screen forever (GH-176).
  • My Teams:
    • Fixed empty Description boxes being vertically squished.

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