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Posted by freddie at 2014-01-25 13:16:38 +0000 (2087d 10h 37m 1s ago)

Mostly mobile things, still lots to do :(

  • Find Friends:
    • Added 'Include evolutions' checkbox, on by default. Searches for e.g. 'Vampire' will also include all further evolutions (Vampire Lord, Duke Vampire Lord, etc) if this option is enabled.
    • Added a monster icon/link to the results table.
    • Fixed requiring people to be logged in to use Find Friends. Usernames will be shown as 'REDACTED' if not logged in.
  • Mobile Monsters:
    • Added monster delete with confirmation page.
    • Added monster evolve with confirmation page.
    • Added evolutions to monster view.
    • Added 'Need XP' to monster view if monster is not maxed.
    • Fixed 'Level' not being highlighted once the monster is at max (or target) level.
  • Mobile Teams:
    • Added delete functionality with confirmation page.
    • Added description to team view.

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