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Posted by freddie at 2014-01-28 04:43:37 +0000 (2086d 17h 45m 34s ago)

I'm looking for someone more artsy than myself (I can't even draw stick figures) to make some sort of PADherder logo. Drop me a line if you're potentially interested.

  • Added an always displayed 'Find Friends' link to the navbar.
  • Added some borders between logical sections of the navbar.
  • Added an 'apple-touch-icon' file - seems to be used by mobile devices when you add the page as a favourite. Given that the biggest King Woodsie icon is only 100x100, this may look a little weird on a Retina iPad.
  • Full update of the monster data for the US release of 6.3, many monsters and evolutions were added or updated.
  • Changed the page footer to a (hopefully) slightly less awful layout. Included the API link since I apparently forgot to include it anywhere else.
  • Updated to the jQuery 1.11.0 final release.
  • Fixed the Find Friends 'Awoken' column being broken if searching for a monster that has no awakenings while also having 'Include evolutions' enabled.
  • Mobile Monsters:
    • Added monster edit page, complete with fancy evolution select.
  • My Monsters:
    • Changed the currently editing monster row to display an error message if something goes wrong when saving changes (see image).
  • News:
    • Added the ability to link directly to a news post via the 'permanent link' next to the subject.
    • Changed news display code to always set images to auto-scale and link to the full size image.

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