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Posted by freddie at 2014-02-06 09:32:54 +0000 (2077d 12h 56m 56s ago)

Decided to try out Disqus for comments - it was incredibly easy to integrate and will almost certainly be used for any further social-ish features in the future. Of course it's also having some issues right now...

  • Changed the nav bar to put the 'My Materials' link on the end.
  • Deleted users with expired activations, surprisingly this was only ~400 accounts.
  • My Account:
    • Added 'Default sorting' option to the My Monsters section.
    • Removed the 'Show filters' and 'Show sorting' options from the My Monsters section.
  • My Monsters:
    • The horrible mess at the top of the page annoyed me so I converted it all to a secondary nav bar. Each button will pop out a panel with ~things~ on it.
    • Added "Box (ATT)" sort option, sorts by +Primary attribute > +Secondary Attribute > -Rarity > -ID > -Total Plus > -Level, that seems to match my monster box in 'ATT' mode.
    • Added "Box (FAV)" sort option, sorts by +Primary attribute > -Rarity > -ID > -Total Plus > -Level, that seems to match my monster box in 'FAV' mode.
    • Added a preview table to the 'Bulk add monsters' panel, shows you what you will probably get (see image).
    • Changed the 'Filters: blah' and 'Sorting: blah' text to be clickable, does the same thing as clicking the buttons.
    • Changed 'Bulk add monsters' to include 'Priority; instead of the barely used 'Note' (GH-144).
    • Fixed 'Bulk add monsters' being case sensitive (GH-95).
  • News:
    • Added Disqus comments for news stories. It will automatically create a Disqus account using your PADherder login name through Single Sign On magic, or you can log in with various other forms of account instead. Only the latest news post will show comments on the main News page, the individual post pages have comments for older posts (GH-151).
    • Changed the main News page to only display the full text of the latest news item.
Bulk add preview:

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