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Posted by freddie at 2014-02-12 19:01:03 +0000 (2069d 4h 57m 42s ago)

Apparently some people are mad at me for adding 'useless' sets like Carbuncles. Some people like collecting things, some like bragging about the amazingness of their collection, and some don't care even a tiny little bit. You don't have to collect every single set if you don't want to! I've even added a way to hide the ones that ~mortally offend~ you.

New stuff:
  • Added an alert box at the top of each page to remind you to finish setting up your account.
  • Changed the 'Login' link on the navbar to an inline form.
  • Find Friends:
    • Added a 'Friends only' option to 'By Monster'.
    • Users on your friends list will now have a heart icon () next to their name on 'By Monster' results (GH-211).
  • My Sets:
    • Added a 'Configure sets' button to the bottom of the page. Click it and you can set the visibility of each individual set. Note: this data is stored client side, is only used while you are logged in, and applies to every Sets page you visit!
  • My Teams:
    • Added monster type icons to the empty spot on the team table.
    • Your first team will now be selected when you visit My Teams.
Misc changes/fixes:
  • Updated monster data for new ultimate evolutions (Egyptians, Healer Girls, Rippers).
  • Converted the awakening/flag/monster type images to sprites to reduce page load time.
  • Changed the 'United States of America' country name to 'North America' and the 'European Union' country name to 'Europe' (they're more store region than country anyway).
  • Further improved the responsive behaviour of the navbar, it now squishes itself properly all the way down to the 'collapse' point (GH-212).
  • Events:
    • Changed the navbar text to trim common-but-useless text ('Alert!', 'Dungeon of' and 'Descended').
    • Fixed the event dropdown text getting stuck saying "Alert! Boring Dungeon! for 1m" for an hour after the event actually finished.
    • JS optimisation pass.
  • My Monsters:
    • Changed the 'Add monster' and monster edit form Evolution dropdowns to show elements on evolution names (e.g. "#994. 爆熱炎隼神・ホルス [R/R]"), hopefully this helps when picking from multiple ultimate evolutions.
    • Changed the 'Add monster' form labels to not be bold, gray + bold looks ugly.
    • Changed the 'Note' column to have a static width on small screens, otherwise it ends up being 0 pixels wide.
    • Changed the collapsed navbar toggle button (the 3 bar things) so that they reset the subnav boxes (add monster, filters, etc) when clicked.
    • Fixed collapsed subnav dropdown items being squished up against the side of the window.
    • Fixed 'Primary element only', 'Member of a team', and 'Leader of a team' filters not resetting when clicking 'Reset filters'.
    • Fixed a minor alignment issue with the navbar/subnav borders.
    • Fixed the 'Filters' panel reset button alignment so it matches the others.
    • Fixed the monster edit form dropdowns having strange vertical alignment in Firefox.
  • My Sets:
    • Added 'Pirate Dragons' set.
    • Added 'Carbuncles' set.
    • Renamed 'King Slimes' to 'Slimes' to match the other sets using base names.
    • Renamed 'Barons' to 'Fighters' to match the other sets using base names.
    • Rearranged the 'Misc' column order a little.
    • Fixed stuttery window resizing.
  • My Teams:
    • Fixed an infinite redirect loop when visiting the public teams page of a user with no teams (GH-210).
    • Fixed the "You have no teams!"/"This user has no teams!" boxes being squished vertically.

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