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Posted by freddie at 2014-02-21 06:50:25 +0000 (2060d 17h 3m 38s ago)
New stuff:
  • Added 'Clear localStorage' to the username dropdown, this clears ALL locally cached PADherder data and forces a page reload.
  • Added friendly descriptions to awakening tooltips everywhere they're used.
  • Auth:
    • Rewrote the registration system. This probably broke some in-progress registrations, oops. There are now many less steps involved, you simply fill in the registration form and your account is created/logged in straight away. Verifying your email address is optional but will be required for some features - password reset, automatic Disqus login, Gravatars (GH-234).
  • Data API:
    • Awakenings:
      • New 'desc' field - contains a description of what the awakening actually does.
    • Leader Skills:
      • New optional 'data' field - contains the data PADherder uses for multiplier calculations. Please see the API page for an example.
    • Monsters:
      • New 'feed_xp' field - how much XP this monster is worth per level.
      • New optional 'pdx_id' field - in cases where PDX and the Wiki disagree on monster IDs, this will contain the PDX ID (BAO collab mostly).
      • New optional 'us_id' field - in cases where GungHo does something as silly as using different IDs for JP vs US, this will contain the actual monster ID for the US version of the game (BAO collab again).
  • My Account:
    • Added the ability to change your email address, see 'Auth' above for things that won't work until your new address is verified.
  • My Monsters:
    • Added 'Rarity' filter type.
    • Old filter URLs will now automatically upgrade using defaults when new filters are added.
  • My Sets:
  • User API:
    • Added a new set of API endpoints that allow you to retrieve and modify material/monster data programatically. See the API page for details (GH-208).
    • Threw together an example project for using the API: padherder-sync.
Misc changes/fixes:
  • Changed dungeon reminders code to activate on a slight delay to increase initial page render speed.
  • Fixed the login form spacing in the nav bar.
  • Auth:
    • Fixed the KABOOM error when trying to sign up with a username that is already in use, you now get a reasonable error message.
  • My Account:
    • Fixed the location hash changes counting as a new page visit, breaking Back functionality.
  • My Monsters:
    • Fixed an occasional error when evolving monsters.
  • My Teams:
    • Changed the team group name max length from 16 to 32 characters.
    • Changed the 'Desc' row to be normal font size instead of slightly smaller.
    • Removed the and buttons, drag and drop is 900% more convenient and actually gets used.

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