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Posted by freddie at 2013-07-14 05:57:38 +0000 (2284d 16h 30m 30s ago)

Various misc stuff. I'll be out of town next week for PAX Australia, will probably find time to finish implementing basic group functionality once I'm sick of people.

  • My Monsters will now redirect you to the login page if your session has timed out when you try to do things (add, edit, etc).
  • My Monsters monster table will now display an information row when all rows are hidden due to filter settings.
  • Events update code optimized, will now update the navbar/dropdown every 5 seconds instead of every 60.
  • Groups page will now display an information row when no groups have been added.
  • Changed My Monsters 'Skill' dropdown to use 'Max' for max level.
  • Updated evolution materials for 'CoC Barbarian'.
  • Updated stats for 'Dark Samurai Dragon Nobunaga'.
  • Fixed 'Bulk add monsters' not flushing the user's monster cache and appearing to not work.
  • Fixed FontAwesome font file not being cached properly by browsers in some cases.
  • Fixed various cases of using 'target="blank"' instead of 'target="_blank"' on links, this was apparently causing problems with Chrome.

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