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Posted by freddie at 2014-03-14 05:20:47 +0000 (2041d 17h 9m 18s ago)
New stuff:
  • Full monster update for 6.4 (GH-230, GH-271, GH-273).
  • Added 'Keeper of Gold' to Tuesday Dungeon for My Materials/Dungeon reminders.
  • Added 'Red Dragon Fruit', 'Blue Dragon Fruit', and 'Green Dragon Fruit' to Thursday Dungeon for My Materials/Dungeon reminders.
  • Added 'Angelit' and 'Devilit' to Friday Dungeon for My Materials/Dungeon reminders.
  • Added type information to monster popovers (GH-269).
Misc changes/fixes:
  • Size optimisation pass on site JS: 141.0KB -> 124.5KB (compressed).
  • Size optimisation pass on userdata JS: ~20% size decrease (compressed).
  • Fixed the 'Resistance-Skill Lock' awakening having an incorrect icon.
  • Fixed the 'Resistance-Skill Lock' tooltip saying '??%' instead of '20%'.
  • My Monsters:
    • Evolutions will now be sorted by monster ID when choosing from several ('Add monster', inline edit).
    • Fixed the large (~0.5s for me) delay when closing the subnav for the first time.
    • Fixed pressing Esc in the 'Add monster'/'Bulk add monsters' forms not actually closing the box.
  • My Sets:
  • User API:
    • Creating a monster with PUT /monster/ will now default to using the first max-depth evolution (the same as 'Add monster'). If you really want to set a monster to no evolution, set 'target_evolution' to '0'.
    • Fixed monster objects having a 'target_evolution' ID that is completely different from the actual target evolution monster ID (GH-272).
    • Fixed DELETE /monster/[id]/ not clearing the userdata cache.

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