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Posted by freddie at 2014-05-28 07:17:52 +0000 (1966d 15h 11m 53s ago)

... just busy and kinda bored with PAD :|

New stuff:
  • Full monster data update.
  • Added the new Wednesday dungeon masks to dungeon reminders/My Materials.
  • Dungeon reminders will now display materials even if they are only needed for food (GH-343).
  • Fixed some insecure content warnings on News/News Archive pages.
  • Find Friends:
    • Added a star next to your username in By Monster results (GH-342).
  • My Food:
    • Added the following monsters:
      • '#96. Succubus' (GH-337).
      • '#828. Protection Demon of Light, Shouki' (GH-340).
      • '#830. Protection Demon of Dark, Jyaki'.
  • My Sets:
    • Added 'Flower Dragons' set (#1166-1170).
    • Added '#1224. Twin Dragon, Wangren' and '#1226. Twin Dragon, Beyzul' to new 'Endgame Dragons' set along with Heavy Metal/Fagan.
    • Added 'Fairies' set for the Flower Dragon invades (#1178-1187).
    • Added '#840. Amitan' to new 'Collab Bosses 3' set.
    • Added '#1219. Himi Udon' to 'Collab Invades 2' set.
  • User API:
    • Added 'rank' and 'starter_colour' fields to /user-api/user/ (GH-351).
Misc changes/fixes:
  • Fixed monster popovers displaying strangely when monsters have more than 6 awakenings. Maybe also fixed a weird Linux issue (GH-332).
  • Fixed spinner arrows being slightly offset vertically (1 whole pixel).
  • Fixed several places where JS debugging code had been left in - not such a big deal... unless you use IE which completely breaks.
  • Find Friends:
    • Fixed the "No results found." messages not spanning all columns.
  • My Food:
    • Fixed dungeon reminder monster images havin 'CLICK TO EVOLVE' tooltips (GH-349).
  • My Monsters:
    • Fixed being unable to select alternate ultimate evolutions (GH-347).
  • My Sets:
    • Fixed final evolutions not being discovered properly in some cases, breaking various badges.
    • Fixed 'max evolved' badge logic being completely broken for JP accounts (GH-336).
  • My Teams:
    • Fixed "#507. The Jelly's Angels" having incorrect leader skill data (GH-333).

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