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Posted by freddie at 2014-06-18 11:35:14 +0000 (1945d 10h 51m 41s ago)

A lot of internal work as I gradually transition the website over to being just another client of the User API. This should reduce code duplication, increase API test coverage, and probably lead to the API being more fully featured. Whee~~

  • Import JSON:
    • This feature will now update My Food. It will add/update the highest level of the unevolved food as a monster and that's it, so you should no longer have 37 shrimp (or whatever) appear in your monster list.
New stuff:
  • Monster data update for new evolutions.
  • Updated leader data for new-ish leader skills.
  • Added new global add/edit monster dialogs. They have fancier XP calculation, including finally letting you enter "XP to next level" (GH-233). Dropdowns are in highest-to-lower order (GH-200).
  • Added various new monsters/evolutions.
  • Fixed new users having no food/material data until they visited the relevant page and hit save (Neraud via email).
  • Large JavaScript cleanups.
  • API:
    • /api/food/: new API endpoint to get food data.
    • /api/materials/: new API endpoint to get material data.
  • My Monsters:
    • Removed the inline editing of monsters now that the new global edit dialog is in. This removes hundreds of lines of complicated code in favour of a simpler, better architected solution.
    • Fixed ultimate evolution monster stat display not using the same XP value (GH-369).
  • My Sets:
    • You can now add and edit monsters on the sets page, simply click on an icon and then an 'Add' or 'Edit' monster icon (GH-42 - old issue!).
    • Added a small (100ms) delay to monster popovers so that dragging the mouse across rows is less janky (archer via IRC).
    • Added '#1245. Shining Monk, Xuanzang' and '#1247. Shadow Monk, Xuanzang' to 'Descended 3' set.
    • Added '#1270. Burning Maiden, Princess Valkyrie' to 'Misc REM' set.
  • User API:
    • Revamped the User API documentation page with sections and formatting and rainbows.
    • /user-api/user/[username]/:
      • Applied an optimization that improved response time by 40-50%.
      • No longer includes user profile information in the base object.
      • New 'profile' key contains the publicly available profile information for this user (GH-352).
      • New 'food' key contains food for this user.
    • /user-api/profile/[id]/: new API endpoint to get/change user profile.
    • /user-api/food/[id]/: new API endpoint to get/change user food.
Misc changes/fixes:
  • Retrieving user data now uses the User API instead of a separate internal API.
  • Adding/editing/deleting a monster now uses the User API instead of a separate internal API.
  • Modal dialogs now have a much bigger close button (×).
  • 'Fixed' modal dialogs changing the document width when opening/closing (see this giant bug thread for details). They still cause a full page reflow on Chrome, sadly.
  • Fixed '#228. Mastering' ultimate evolution having no materials.
  • Fixed '#1226. Twin Dragon, Beyzul' and '#1227. Icewing Twin Dragon King, Beyzul' having incorrect leader skill data (GH-358).
  • My Food:
    • Fixed monsters that were set to max skill having mysterious invisible food count, screwing up materials/reminders. You need to visit My Food and hit 'Save changes' to force an update (GH-327).
    • Fixed '#96. Succubus' and evolutions having the wrong monster as food (GH-357).
    • Fixed food occasionally having a blank input box instead of defaulting to 0.
  • My Monsters:
    • Optimization pass on the monsters table - reduced DOM elements and some minor JS speedups.
    • Fixed double-clicking in an expanded evolution row breaking the table (GH-366).
    • Fixed evolution chains only showing a monster popover for the first monster in the chain.
    • Fixed evolution chains having expand-things for chained monsters, allowing for amusing infinitely expanding rows (PGGB via IRC).
  • User API:
    • Fixed /user-api/monster/ ignoring the user's 'Default priority' profile setting when creating monsters (GH-371).
    • Fixed /user-api/team/[id]/ not including 'friend_level'.

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