Posted by freddie at 2014-07-11 04:00:09 +0000 (1920d 19h 58m 40s ago)

Misc stuff. Some work towards making the site more mobile friendly. I have some rough ideas about making Monsters/Teams usable on small screens, just haven't gotten around to trying them.

  • Added a monster popover to the My Monsters 'Target' column for cases where the target level is above the current level (GH-316).
  • Split the My Monsters 'Ready to evolve' filter into two: 'Ready to evolve' (ultimate evo or max level) and 'Have all materials to evolve' (GH-356).
  • Fixed monsters not being considered 'Done' when they are max level with no further evolution selected (GH-389).
  • Fixed newly added teams always showing up at the top of the team list.
  • Fixed edited teams always moving to the top of the team list (GH-390).
New stuff:
  • Full monster update for 6.5.2 NA release (GH-383).
  • Added an override for Droidragon awakenings on non-JP accounts since he STILL doesn't have the damn things (GH-291).
  • Mobile support:
    • Added some basic nav buttons to the navbar when viewing on small screens.
    • The ad box is now always hidden on small screens since it's huge.
    • Fixed My Sets being messed up when viewing on a portrait phone (or really tiny browser window I guess). The set name and largely useless plus icon are now hidden.
  • My Sets:
    • Added some new magic to automatically create split sets from a single source list. This magic also automatically filters out JP only monsters if viewing a non-JP account. JP accounts will now display the various new/expanded sets, whee.
    • Added '#1118. Sandalphon' to 'Descended' set.
    • Added JP only monsters to 'Descended', 'Collab Bosses' and 'Collab Invades' sets.
    • Added JP only REM sets: 'FFCD REM', 'Monster Hunter REM', 'Dragonball Z REM', 'Saint Seiya REM'.
    • Added a close icon to the small monster click box thing (GH-372).
  • User API:
    • /profile/[user]/: added 'max_team_cost' as a read-only field.
    • /user-api/team/: new API endpoint to create user teams.
    • /user-api/team/[id]/: added the ability to change/delete user teams.
Misc changes/fixes:
  • Updated HP/ATK/RCV awakenings to the new 6.5 values.
  • Fixed some more leader skills (GH-386, GH-388).
  • Fixed new monsters with the 3.5 million XP curve (DBZ collab) being stuck at level 1 (GH-378).
  • Fixed the 'down arrow' key not doing anything in inputs with spinner controls (up/down things).
  • My Sets:
    • Fixed submitting the Edit monster dialog not cleaning up the small monster click popover properly.
    • Fixed ultimate evolutions never displaying the max level icon .
    • Fixed a minor mis-alignment of the level/awaken/skill/plus text in Firefox.
  • My Teams:
    • Adding/editing/deleting teams now uses the User API instead of a separate internal API.
    • Fixed the 'total team cost' value using the logged in user's total team cost instead of the viewed user (GH-380).

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