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Posted by freddie at 2014-09-17 13:08:48 +0000 (1852d 10h 51m 24s ago)

University sapping my will to live, hopefully I am done with it forever in another 2 months :(

New stuff:
  • Added a new source for JP urgent dungeon times, hopefully these are occasionally accurate (blvcksvn2 via news comments).
  • Added various new monsters (GH-436).
  • Added 'Reset account' functionality, deletes ALL of your food/materials/monsters/teams. You can find it on the username dropdown (GH-441).
  • Updated monster data for Kapibara-san collab.
  • Updated monster data for Healer Girls Content Update.
  • Updated leader skill multiplier data.
  • My Food:
    • Added '#1186. Black Fairy' as food for '#1073. Pandora' and evolutions (GH-419).
    • Added '#833. Fukuragi' as food for '#844. Amberjack' and evolutions (GH-440).
  • My Sets:
    • Added '#1509. メフィストフェレス' to 'Descended' meta-set (GH-436).
    • Added '#1524. 義信龍・ヨロク' to 'Descended' meta-set (GH-436).
    • Renamed the 'Misc REM' set to 'Valkyries' and added the other colours.
  • My Teams:
    • The first YouTube link in a team description will now be embedded as a video.
Misc changes/fixes:
  • Fixed Import JSON exploding when it encountered an unknown monsterID (Endrnc via news comments).
  • Fixed the skill updater not actually updating leader skill data, oops (GH-413, GH-434, GH-436, GH-439, GH-444).
  • Fixed the 'Recover Bind' awoken skill tooltip saying '1 turn' instead of '3 turns' (GH-415).
  • Fixed various monster stats that still hadn't updated properly (GH-417, GH-430, GH-444).
  • Fixed some buggy active skill data (GH-433).
  • My Food:
    • Fixed 'Miscellaneous food' items not showing up in reminders/My Materials (GH-411).
    • Fixed ultimate Archangel forms not having any food (GH-419).
    • Fixed ultimate '#747. Incarnation of Seiryuu, Karin' forms not having any food (GH-419).
    • Fixed '#1518. Bikini Girl, Metatron' (not an accurate translation) not having any food.
  • My Monsters:
    • Table optimisations to reduce the number of DOM elements.
    • Fixed ultimate evolving a monster not taking into account same colour feed XP bonus (GH-445).
  • My Sets:
    • Removed the random extra monsters from 'Dragon Swordsmen' set (GH-436).
  • My Teams:
    • Fixed broken 'PDX Simulator' links (GH-424).
    • Fixed whitelisted URLs no longer showing as links (GH-425).
  • User API:
    • /userapi/food/: Fixed being able to set count to bizarre values, now forced to be 0-100.
    • /userapi/material/: Fixed being able to set count to bizarre values, now forced to be 0-100 (GH-426, GH-429).

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