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Posted by freddie at 2014-10-23 22:37:36 +0000 (1817d 23h 50m 11s ago)

End of term - assignments to panic finish, exams to study for, summer to enjoy. A few more weeks until I am (hopefully) freeeee.

  • Added Angry Birds Elite collab monsters to various food things (GH-480).
  • Updated PAD Z monster data (James via news comment).
  • Fixed NA event times being out by an hour. They will probably break again once DST starts or stops or whatever happens soon :( (GH-465).
  • Fixed ultimate Amon having no food (TTrace via news comment.)
  • Fixed Angry Birds collab monster awakenings as per this post (GH-481).
New stuff:
  • Added a donate button (finally). Donate if you feel like it, don't donate if you don't feel like it (GH-297).
  • The usual selection of new/updated monsters.
  • Updated leader skill multiplier data (GH-467, GH-475, GH-476, GH-479).
  • API:
    • /api/monsters/:
      • Large set of optimisations, from ~3000ms (!) to ~40ms.
      • Added 'name_jp' field, contains the monster's JP name.
      • Added 'version' field, contains the modification version of this monster. This is set to MAX(version)+1 on a monster whenever it is changed.
      • Added /api/monsters/n/, returns monsters with a version higher than n. /api/monsters/0/ is equivalent to /api/monsters/.
  • My Food:
    • Added '#42. Shynee' as food for CoC Glorious Healer.
    • Added '#44. Baddie' as food for Vampire/Dark Valkyrie (garbled and The_DCG via news comments).
    • Added #47,49,51,53,55 carbuncles as food for #206-210 final evolution carbuncles (garbled via news comments).
    • Added '#552. Mid Light Ninja' as food for Baal.
    • Added '#1308. 月夜花' as' food for '#414. Mitsuki'.
    • Added '#1452. 黄金聖闘士・シュラ' as food for Astaroth.
    • Added food for '#639. Dark Archdemon Lucifer' ultimate evolutions.
    • Added food for '#1304. Dragon Rider, King Arthur'.
    • Added food for '#1346. Bountiful Arbor Goddess, Freyja' (GH-464).
    • Added food for archdemon ultimate evolutions (GH-464).
    • Added food for sticker girl ultimate evolutions (GH-464).
  • My Monsters:
    • Added a total awakening count to the totals row (GH-473).
  • My Sets:
    • Added '#1471. Swift Dragon Emperor, Threedia' to 'Endgame Dragons' set.
    • Added '#1531. Zeus Mercury' to 'Descended' meta-set.
    • Added '#1586. 輝耀の秘女神・カーリー' to 'Godfest Only' meta-set.
    • Added '#1588. 暴滅の威女神・カーリー' to 'Godfest Only' meta-set.
Misc changes/fixes:
  • Fixed '#770. UFO' leader skill (GH-468).
  • Fixed '#884. Stray Soul Beast Izuna' evolution materials (GH-471).
  • Fixed '#951. AB Bluebird Blues' awoken skills (GH-478).
  • Fixed '#1363. Heavenly Wind Dragon Knight, Ishtar' leader skill (GH-474).
  • Fixed Sopdet/Thoth having no active/leader skills ([email protected] via news comments).

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