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Posted by freddie at 2014-11-29 14:56:21 +0000 (1779d 8h 59m 4s ago)

Done with exams, hopefully forever :toot: Time to get started on this huge backlog of issues...

There was some short downtime a few days ago while infrastructure changes were made - thanks to your donations we now have improved server resources and CloudFlare for (hopefully) faster page loading.

New stuff:
  • Updated monsters and skills for the latest NA/EU PAD update (GH-508).
  • Added some missing insect dragons (GH-506).
  • My Food:
    • Added High Ninjas as food for relevant things (GH-497).
  • My Monsters:
    • Added 'Awoken' filters, including a 'Match all' checkbox to match specific combinations (GH-458).
    • Added 'Primary type only' filter (GH-498).
    • (You may need to hit 'Reset' and 'Save as default' to fix your filters).
Misc changes/fixes:
  • Fixed various monsters still being marked as JP only (GH-497, GH-500, GH-504).
  • My Monsters:
    • Fixed expanded evolution monster links not working (GH-451).
    • Fixed expanded evolution monster popovers not appearing (GH-451).

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