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Posted by freddie at 2015-01-23 09:52:15 +0000 (1726d 12h 34m 56s ago)

You may have noticed that the ad box has mysteriously disappeared. In 11 months they generated less money than a single month of donations. Yeah, you guys/girls/sentient starfish are way more awesome than terrible internet ads.

p.s. the flu is awful, ugh

  • Updated monsters for Balance Update 4.
  • Updated various monsters (GH-560, GH-561, GH-562, GH-563, GH-565, GH-567, GH-576, GH-582).
  • Updated leader skill data, including JP skills (GH-566, GH-574, GH-581).
  • Fixed some weird broken monster images (GH-565, GH-571).
  • Removed ads, RIP.
  • Minor performance optimisation by caching monster evolution chain results.
  • Fixed the goofy Donate button being glued to BUGS/SUGGESTIONS.
  • My Food:
    • Added '#1697. Poison Ivy' as food for Succubuseses (milkyway via news comment).
    • Fixed '#1784. moonbeam fang witch, lilith' having incorrect food due to a typo (milkyway via news comment).
    • Fixed '#1794. rebal seraph lucifer' having no food due to a typo.
  • My Monsters:
    • Fixed the Filters dropdown not being closable on small screens (GH-548).
    • Fixed awoken abilities being listed in the wrong order on the mobile site (GH-570).
    • Fixed the 'Box' sort orders being incorrect on EU accounts, they should now correctly use US monsterID overrides (GODDAMN BAO COLLAB) (GH-572).
  • My Sets:
    • Added 'Armored Knights' set (GH-582).
    • Added '#1628. Cauchemar' to the 'Descended' meta-set (GH-564).
    • Added the DBZ Collab Part 2 monsters to the 'Dragonball Z REM' meta-set (GH-566).
    • Added #1749, #1751 and #1753 (Grimoire?) to the 'Descended' meta-set.
    • Added #1755, #1757 (Grimoire?) to the 'Misc REM' meta-set. These may actually belong in 'Godfest Only', unsure.

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