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Posted by freddie at 2013-07-31 14:39:01 +0000 (2267d 7h 49m 16s ago)

Things! Stuff! Things AND stuff!

  • Various strange and wonderful JP monsters were added to the game, including Evangelion robots and some sort of leek (??). Monster names will be updated to English versions if/when they're added to the US game.
  • The 'Add monster' form on the My Monsters page now has an ID select as well as a name select. Hopefully this helps with selecting JP-named monsters.
  • Reordered columns on the My Monsters page so that level/target are near the start.
  • My Sets improvements:
    • Completed sets will now have a green background.
    • Monsters at max evolution and level will have 'Max' in the top right.
    • Monsters at skill >1 will have 'S:2' through 'S:Max' in the bottom left.
    • Dark Metatron added so you can feel sad about never ever getting her.
  • Fix poor spacing between 'Bulk add monsters' form buttons.

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