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Posted by freddie at 2015-05-10 04:39:04 +0000 (1617d 19h 17m 5s ago)

Hi, it's been a while. I've been busy getting sick, trying to find a job, getting sick again, graduating, getting sick yet again... and then finally receiving a job offer from somewhere completely unexpected. I've finally worked out what I'm doing and feel like I have some free time/brain space to dedicate to maintaining my poor neglected sites, yay.

A big thanks to everyone that has been posting issues, without these people nothing would ever get updated. Please continue reporting things via Github Issues and news comments!

  • Added XP data for 6 million XP curve monsters (esplen2 via news comment).
  • Fixed (FINALLY) the broken urgent events tracker (GH-533).
  • Updated the usual pile of monsters for various things (GH-591, GH-592, GH-593, GH-594, GH-599, GH-604, GH-608, GH-611, GH-614, GH-615, GH-618, GH-621, GH-623, GH-630, GH-633, GH-634, GH-637, GH-640, Tru-JDM via news comment).
  • Fixed several awakenings having incorrect tooltips (GH-596, GH-606).
  • Fixed some broken leader data (GH-597, GH-600, GH-624, GH-626, GH-638, ChronoM via news comment)
  • Fixed some missing/old monster icons (GH-601, GH-628, GH-642, tdy98 via news comment, plogp via news comment).
  • Fixed 'Import JSON' failing with the new JP data format (GH-643).
  • My Account:
    • Fixed being able to link your account to itself via Linked Accounts (GH-520).
    • Fixed Linked Account verifications never expiring (GH-520, GH-639).
  • My Food:
  • My Monsters:
    • Added a new note filter (GH-578).
    • Fixed filters becoming all kinds of broken when a new filter is added, they'll now just reset to defaults instead (GH-547).
  • My Sets:
    • Added 'Fist of the North Star REM' meta-set.
    • Fixed the 'Insect Dragons' set having an incorrect monster in the dark slot.
  • My Teams:
    • Added 5 more team groups (beeboy via news comment).
    • Fixed 'Show maxed stats' not updating leader skill data correctly for evolved leaders (GH-597, GH-600).
    • Fixed team names not properly escaping HTML entities (GH-619).
    • Fixed teams being created with a strange 'order' attribute if created in anything other than Team Group 1 (GH-625).

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