2016? Better update!News Archive
Posted by freddie at 2016-01-02 13:51:39 +0000 (1382d 8h 38m 51s ago)

Happy new year! Still not dead, still been moderately busy between work and travelling for work. The change list is probably a little incomplete, it's late and there's a loooot of backlog to go through. Hopefully we're back to a more regular update schedule now rather than "once every 7 months" :v

In the near-ish future I'll be looking for some PADherder staff people - you'll have the dizzying powers of requesting monster updates (via a chat bot), editing sets (website), and editing leader skills (website). I haven't actually written any of this yet but hey, if you're interested in taking over some of the more tedious parts of maintaining PADherder you should probably email me or something (freddie at padherder dot com).

Once again a big thanks to everyone that has been posting issues, without these people nothing would ever get updated. Please continue reporting things via Github Issues and news comments!


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